Friday, March 24, 2017

As I stood there alone...

                                                                                         Attribution: Bekkie Sanchez
Image:  A sunset through trees

Note: Highlighting Bekkie's artistic
animation skills. Take a peek. (here) 

As I stood there all alone
At the very edge of the forest
Feeling all sad and forlorn
But glad not under undue duress

Contemplating what it had been
Now having seen it all in my mind
There were elements lurking
In the trees contending to bind

The day had been less menacing
Obscure but peaceful and gracious
The sun-setting rays intruding
To steal through the branches

An uneventful day for all to be aware
Perhaps for the better but still obscure
But not for many others elsewhere
Who grapple with conflicts and war

Bekkie's Saturday's Image Write #8


  1. We all need a day of peace from everything.

  2. A relaxing time as the mind works through things is always nice

  3. Beautiful poem. The write goes well with the image! ☺♥

  4. This a strange poem (but good).I got to the end, then I read it again. It was like I was reading a different poem. What an experience.

  5. I like the idea you have expressed that when we compare our sadness with those of others it often doesn't seem as bad as we originally thought.

  6. A lot to think about in this poem, Hank! It's like a snapshot of time in 2017. Great job writing for the prompt, thank you! Hugs!