Monday, December 12, 2016

with intent to capture their hearts

                                                                                         Attribution: Nigel Chadwick
Image: Birds Skimming the Water (here)

10 of 12 given words:
birdseed capture heart
ludic (playful in an aimless way)
descendent askance
edelweiss (a liqueur flavored with alpine flowers)
lantern gnash curse

birdseeds placed in the empty cage
with intent to capture their hearts
ludic in a way trying to lure them in
but as a descendant of a wild predator
they looked askance at all the furore
thoughts seemed numbed of edelweiss
they still advanced forward safety as a group
but a sudden gust with force
like a lantern caught in the wind
slammed the window with a loud bang
it tweaked their focus off they flew again
knowing for certain unsafe to be back

how he gnashed  his teeth with fury
how silly to have left the aviary ajar
was there a reason to curse and rant
for forgetfulness endured
was a grim lesson

For MLMM's Wordle #133
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 22  -  endure


  1. Sometimes a little forgetfulness can sure result in a big fuss, not always needed though.

  2. I really love those opening lines, the imagery. Very poignant piece


  3. Lovely, and also a beautiful view!

    1. Forgetfulness can be a painful thing, until it too is forgotten,


  4. Smart birds, to band together and not succumb to the bait. Let us hope the populace as a whole will follow their example. Smiles.

  5. Lesson learned!
    And I'm not a bird....

    P.S. I gave you wings.

  6. love how you used these words to construct this whimsy

  7. Most true what you say about the birds, a pity we human don't folllow their example.

  8. I love the image in the first couple of lines, Hank, the birdseeds in the empty cage, hinting loneliness and foreshadowing the ending.