Friday, December 9, 2016

Moonwalk and sidewalk acrobatics

                                                                         Attribution: White House Photo Office
Image: A Grand Welcome to the White House (here)

Dolce steps in staccato outbursts
Audace R 'n R dancing without rehearse
Following Bill Haley onto the scene
It propped up Elvis into a regal being

Gyrations stoked the spokes unfaltering
Chubby Checker then came a-twisting
Three allegro unprecedented offerings
Music was never the same again

Kind of diminuendo came a-knocking
Sidewalk acrobatics and break dancing
Hijacked the movement's intensity
Paving the way for Michael's entry

Beat it! Moonwalk special a likely ruse
Sporting purple socks and dancing shoes
His forte that kept others near paranoid
Untimely demise left a glaring void

Victoria's at d'Verse MTB
  - make music of those words
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 18  -  three
Susie's at Real Toad's  -  shoes


  1. You just outlined a big chunk of my life, Hank. I learned to bop to Rock Around the Clock! Fun!

  2. Elvis the king a regal being , he sure had his own way to rock!

  3. How I remember all those stars,
    They were there for all the world to see.
    But now the only star that shines to day
    Is Daniel O Donnell for me.

    Great post hank.

  4. Music sure has changed.. and so have all of us who grew up to this.

  5. Oh, so many memories in this. Think I'll just sit here and reminisce.

  6. He sure knew how to grab ones attention indeed

  7. Old enough to remember all of them. Thanks Hank,


  8. Each one added their own element to R & R/R & B

  9. Got me good! I grew up in the 50s, came of age rockin' the night away!

  10. This is it
    The void will never be filled

  11. The image looks like it belongs on an album cover, one that speaks of what has been and still lingers in many hearts... with your poem on the back of the cover as a blurb.

  12. Let's try this again...didn't post the first time. Enjoyed this very much -- late to the reading as I was cavorting over the extended weekend with my grandchildren. Did enjoy coming back to read this. Love how you took the prompt to the different purveyors of music with their different body accompaniements. I still remember Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show and my parents sitting with me horrified. And now we're to twerking and grinding. How far we've come!

  13. what a photo! and a pen to match ~

  14. Love that photo...You danced us through different music styles and I love it! Thanks for writing for the prompt.