Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why couldn't they be more tolerant?

                                                                                                Attribution: Sage Ross
Image: A Hand-held Saviour (here)
(comes in handy with a 'clock')

It made him boil for an instant
He had just walked into the room
Sheepishly he remarked without thinking
'sorry I'm late'
Then someone replied,
'it is ok, we're just leaving!'

On another occasion, unwittingly he blurted out
without even looking up,
'what's the time now, anyone?'
A nerd (Yes, he was!) stood up
He went into a discourse on how to make a watch

Why couldn't they be more tolerant?
Why indulge in sarcasm to show displeasure?
Why time wasting to square off points?
Why not allow for some freedom in little mistakes?

All goes to show the truth of the adage,
'look before you leap'

For Lillian's at d'Verse   -  It’s all in the timing!
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 23  -  freedom


  1. Look indeed, because you never know what may take seed. Some just have no time for anyone, or at least make like they don't.

  2. Love this take on the prompt! So glad you posted :)

  3. Indeed small mistakes needs to be mistakes... there are often just a smoke screen for big mistakes anyway.

  4. Such a pity that sort of meanness.

  5. No use arguing with mean spirited people I guess ~

  6. Look before you leap as you never know ...

  7. Replies
    1. A kindness given will return to the giver, just as a need to put down will come back to haunt the one who puts down.


  8. sMiLes.. work
    and time sit and
    go togEThER
    like peaS in
    a pod iN
    WiTh no doors
    and even no windows..
    noW that AC rules sundials too..;)

  9. Pity that there are mean folk around, but I guess it takes all sorts in this world. Great post Hank.

  10. I can strongly resonate with this! Nicely done :)