Tuesday, December 6, 2016

An inexhaustible bidding

                                                    Artist: Hugh Douglas Hamilton (1740–1808)
Image: Portrait of a Gentleman (here)

10 of 12 given words:
groove inexhaustible late clutter handbag flattery 
nuance (slight difference in color or tone)
faustian ( spiritual dissatisfaction or torment)
bellwether (male sheep that leads the flock, ringleader)

He went through the groove
An inexhaustible bidding
Though late in the day
A clutter in a handbag of goodies
More of a flattery to his ego

He recognized the nuances
that colored his virtues
Faustian in outlook
he felt the big letdown
His mind was dancing with
naughty thoughts
But he was  unperturbed
a bellwether of a soul
He meant to show them he
was no pushover

From the marrow of his insides
To the tone of his voice
He had the looks and the power
The drive for a push
Was he not a BMOC of old?

Note: BMOC -  big-man-on-campus

For MLMM's Wordle Dec #132
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day16 -  color
Kerry's at Real Toad's  - the tuesday platform


  1. Nice job of weaving a tale from the words.

  2. Very clever way of putting this across Hank.

  3. You drew a clear portrait of a man who believes in his own perfection, from a list of words I probably wouldn't have tackled. Thank you


  4. Nope... nothing is new under the sun really

  5. BMOC ha, perfect picture and great use of the words.

  6. haha know many like that who think so highly of themselves, we run away with them near our bay.

  7. An interesting portrayal of manhood.

  8. He was going to show them who was in charge!

  9. Great use of words and image for your inspiration – and I like the slightly humorous touch at the end.

  10. Whenever I see 'Gents' as such I kind of think on the humor of Mel Brooks 'Men in Tights'
    There was so much humor in that era that was not shall we say in the forefront of upper-class status. But behind closed doors it was there in spades.
    Nice job combining all the prompts!

    Best to you and yours in for the New Year :) ~Jules