Friday, December 2, 2016

Jim Delligatti who invented the quintessential Big Mac

                                                                         Attribution:  Evan-Amos                                              
Image:Jim's Big Mac (here)

10 of 12 given words:
die loss exceptional coming outline,
languid (lacking in vigor)
backmore longing hinted

3WW words
quintessential (of the pure and essential essence)
rabid (furious or raging; violently intense)

Jim Delligatti who invented the quintessential
Big Mac died at 98 yesterday, a big loss
He was exceptional in coming with an idea
that outlined thinking out of the box

Not languid in desire but rabid in putting it
across he got back more than he bargained for
Prickly news when first mooted but it was
a longing for an impact of diversity in thoughts
that chalked up sales to dizzying heights

It was not just hinted propositions but a
reality that changed the business philosophy
of McD to spice up their products
into innovative offerings

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #88
Thomg's 3WW #508
Elizabeth;s Creativity Challenge #12  -  diversity
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN #185


  1. Thinking out of the box... or maybe eating out of a box... a great tribute.... (maybe not for culinary but for the business success)

  2. Sometimes just getting that new idea and giving it a spin can make all the difference. He showed one guy and one idea can do it.

  3. This was brilliant also looked appetising.

  4. If he lived that long he obviously didn't eat many Big Macs...

  5. An interesting response to the prompt, Hank. For sure, a diverse group of humans eat his products.

  6. Apparently my first response went missing. I love Big Macs, and this emphasizes how diversity works, and how many people enjoy what it creates,


  7. Turning a Bic Mac into an inspiration...
    You're good. You're good.

  8. It takes more than an idea, so he definitely succeeded. Now I have a craving for a Big Mac. Haven't had one in years!

  9. My mom had to have been his #1 fan. Big Macs are so unhealthy. She lived to be a few days shy of 96. Ate those things right up to the end when she wouldn't eat anything else. Go figure! I have no doubt she was on his welcoming committee in the next life.

  10. Great tribute to a marketing mastermind.