Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toying with Abstracts

                                                                      The Beak - Hank's Recent Abstract Painting
Note: Recently I decided to try the present
generation of acrylics and paint some abstracts
I just dabbled in red and blue and came up with
something like the beak of some monstrous birds.

Taking on the bait still alert
Of breaking off the shackles
Toying with colors and palette
How it’s going to be handled

Just dabbling with acrylics
Not in mind of any targets
Decided to go through the basics
With a purchase of a new set

Try for hues of red of blood
Bright primary colors so true
Abstracts a choice to start
With generous splashes of blue

What comes of it now
Draw first and later decide
On the title that’s normal

Is it a beak taking flight?

Note: Submitted for PFF on April 07, 2017

Written for Hannah's hosting at Real Toads
with generous colors of red  at
the Red Beach of Paijin, China


  1. nice job on the paint hank...its got nice movement in it...i could see a phoenix in that...

  2. Does look like a beak there, nicely done at your lair

  3. It looks like one ~ I like the freedom of just painting away your muse ~ The basic colors like would be a good start ~

  4. ah nice... just a few weeks ago i bought my first set of acrylic paint and really love playing a bit around and see how things's fun! smiles

  5. It's beautiful, Hank. I can see how Hannah's prompt became this painting, this beak in brightest primary hues.

  6. It's beautiful, Hank, and does look like a beak. Love that you are working with acylics. Enjoy!

  7. lovely painting.. that's the beauty of abstract..
    just paint, paint :)

    loved the vibrant colors and then your words did the rest !!

  8. I'm so glad that you were inspired to bring red to life in paint, Hank! Thank you for joining!

  9. I am a painter and like your abstract very much. Hope you keep at the task.
    Myself, I find my abstracts take on a life of their own...making it fun at the end
    as I decide which end is up, and what really is there ! Abstracts a mystery and
    a joy in my book. Hope they are for you too.

    Love what you wrote about the experience.

  10. Lovely poetry and love your exploratory abstract ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  11. Love the abstract and your words...I do see the beak! In fact I see two beaks with the larger beak in front :)

    Happy PPF~

  12. Beautiful and a good name for it. Blessings, Janet