Sunday, November 24, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard

                                                                                         Attribution: Peretz Partensky
Image: Never a Compromise
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Sunday Whirl with words:
choice cycle create gap gathering habits however
lessen regard suffering  undoing virtue

Old habits die hard
Scant attention given to discard 
One can create due regard
But many do not act smart

Undoing of ingrained suffering
By virtue of gathering strength
Be rid of silliness long standing
To lessen the gap to reduced length

However breaking a habit
Is no mean easy but requires
Strong resolve to be effective
Once decided one never falters

Avoid cycle of tryouts
Stay true to a reformed self
Deserving  then of a shout-out
Having triumphed above all else

Written for Brenda'sWordle #136 and Mary's hosting at
Poets United's Poetry Pantry #177


  1. Yes..we must have confidence in what the other side of the leaf may offer..although sometimes luck..chance..hope..and just doing it..leads to many a good thing!

  2. Once decided one never falters..
    strong will n determination.. that's all we need

  3. hopefully we learn from our decisions and is never too late to make a new one...until it is...

  4. I have to agree! a shout out to everyone who can break bad habits and start new, better ones!

  5. love the ending verse... the hardest part.

  6. "Stay true to a reformed self" - wonderful, Hank!

  7. Hank, I loved loved LOVED the "cycle of tryouts," as that's pretty much how I lived my 20s, ha ha. This is a manifesto, man, great advice and well written.

    Sorry I've been absent, and thanks for the thoughtful note on my blog. I'm back! Love, Amelita

    1. Thank you Amelita,
      Nice to have you back Ma'am! It's soothing to see the pencil sharpened. Looking forward to connecting again! Great!


  8. Oh, I hear you on this, Hank. Once a habit is established...even if it is a bad is hard to break!! It definitely requires strong resolve.

  9. Hank,

    Old habits are easy to pick up, but so hard to stop. Strong resolve is a great skill and hopefully can win the day...Not cheating on oneself is the big test!!
    Clever writing Hank.

  10. Breaking the habit - hard! Try to change your everyday driving direction and already you feel not so comfortable...but keep our brain healthy we have to do it sometimes...

  11. Habits are our weaknesses, even these two adversaries know this and are looking for that chink in the others armour.

  12. Round and round we go, unable to learn it seems

  13. Nice. Good lesson. Strong resolve is the key word here. :-)