Tuesday, November 26, 2013

An Old Love Returns

Image: 1 Showing one hung up at the lobby where we had the launch.  It would
look better if framed with a non- reflecting glass, but cost is a factor

 Image: 2 My other love, golf

A Special Note For Claudia: 
I was most inspired by your recent works with acrylics. They were fantastic! It made me 
rush down to the shop and got me a set. Thanks a lot, Ma'am!

Been lingering in my system
Had tried to pin it all down
But it kept musing in my head
It was poignant, at times despair
More recently tugging at my conscience
Accompanied with a tinge of regret

What was there to do then
Something had got to give
Especially so on seeing
Some beautiful ones
Every now and then
In exciting colors

The opportunity came by
As sudden as the urge
It was a hectic two weeks
Tumbling head over heels
Over an old flame back
from the cold

Feverishly I worked my heart out
Acquired a new set of primary colors
Dabbed them generously over the boards
Splashed here and there
Still not really sure of the outcome
But it was sweat and tears
I drew on what I had
For I had then an inspiration
All in acrylics

I managed 10 and hung them up
At my recent book launch (here)

Something is now goading me
To work on my old love
More for the ensuing year

Written for Bjorn's hosting at d’Verse’s OpenLinkNight week #124


  1. that is so cool...very nice you had time to get back into painting...i really like the golfer...very cool piece...and well done....

  2. Captured much in your paintings and words

  3. Good for you! It's nice to see people get back to doing what it is they love. I'm just learning the game of golf. Just got my first set of clubs! Still working on not slicing every time... it's a work in progress :)

    1. Great, you'll never regret it Alex! Slicing is normal in the beginning. You'll grow out of it and that's when the fun begins. Best of luck to you!


  4. Sure brought the colors alive, great artwork. And golf you say? i'll pass at that at my bay

  5. Hank, wow, you are an artist with your acrylics as well as with your poetry. I am very impressed. Keep them both up, and continue to share.

  6. It's wonderful when your art grabs hold of you and creating is like a fever. Beautiful paintings in acrylics and words.

  7. Very nice. I wish I was able to paint/draw/or whatever.

  8. Lovely work, and your excitement gleams from the poem. Nicely done.

  9. oh nice... the golfer is hyper-cool... so cool as well that you found that old love again and re-started painting... it is wonderful to be creative and to see how a painting develops...isn't it..?

    1. Right Claudia, heard you Ma'am. Got it off my back. Now I have to do some serious time management. In the meantime will be following you and your acrylics!


  10. How exciting to rediscover your artistic flair. I envy you painters and greatly admire this work of yours. Congratulations!

  11. Uh oh, Hank. We share loves! Right now weather and tendonitis keeps me off the golf course and my acrylics are all set up waiting for me to touch them! Your work is fantastic...the golfers especially speak to me. In a month, hopefully, I'll be back in the desert, pain free and able to hit the links again.

    1. How wonderful Victoria. You've got yourself a very good balance, a physical and mental equilibrium, an all-round fitness program working right! Great! Let them go, Ma'am!


  12. Hank,

    Lovely to know that an enjoyable passtime has returned. Life needs moments of escapism and creativity too.. Enjoy the experiences...


  13. That's great that you got to do these paintings ! Very cool .

  14. Hank all very nice but, I really liked the 2nd one..and I always enjoy reading
    your poems.

  15. Hank, yet another creative side, and good for you that you let Claudia guide you into a new realm. I love the example above. Funny, I just started doing pen/pencil drawings and have incorporated a couple into posts,,, The "itch" was started for me by Kim Nelson! My, don't we have wonderful muses? Love, Amelita