Sunday, November 3, 2013

"I'm The Greatest"

                                                               Attribution: Courtesy of Ronald Reeagan Library
Image: Ali with President Reagan in 1983
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle with words
creation distance emits fists hits impulse invisible 
infinite kneel  precise rhythm whisperings

Fists flying, mouth spewing venom
An infinite fighting machine
Provocation emitted freely at its best
A handful could last the distance
Others did not know what hit them

Predicted when others kissed the mat
His predictions uncanny instances of accuracy
The precise rounds were quoted
When they would fall a crumbled mess
Rhythm of creations not on impulse
To them he appeared invisible
Despite loud whisperings of ‘I’m the greatest’
Kneeling on bended knees the vanquished

His fights were remembered by names
Of those he defeated Chuvalo Cooper
Mildenberger Patterson Liston Foreman
Bugner Norton Tyson and a host of
other lesser known all because he
'floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee'

Written for Brenda's hosting of Sunday Whirl Wordle #133 Mary's hosting at Poetry Pantry #174


  1. He is sure cemented in history indeed at just about every feed

  2. Very clever. I loathe boxing - the idea of people setting out deliberately to hurt someone else is anathema to me. But your poem is brilliant.

  3. That last line is a killer punch..I think you win the most unique take on the prompt words today also..

  4. Hank, I also am not a fan of boxing, but this is quite good. I hope all is well with you.


  5. I am definitely not a fan of boxing, but your poem is brilliant!

  6. How the mighty are fallen, we all have our 15 minutes of fame...still waiting for mine.

  7. I remember watching Ali when I was growing up. Reading this line, "floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee", I could practically hear Ali saying it out loud!

  8. Hank,

    You have managed very well to capture the essence of the man...The greatest ever I believe..


  9. Hank,
    This is a perfect portrait of Clay/Ali. I have never understood how he embraced Islam and kept on beating the crap out of people for a career. But then, I abhor boxing.

    He remains the most enigmatic boxer ever; his witness to the brutality of the sport in terms of living with Alzheimer's cannot be ignored by anyone who plays violent sports, including the Flying Meat game known as pro football (American).

  10. Not a fan of boxing Hank - but you write well of a proud man.
    Anna :o]