Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Paradise Undisturbed

                                                                                        Attribution: Farazkhan007
Image: The Lush Greenery
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Words provided for 3WW:
Curious  Inevitable Wary

The inevitable did happen
He had intended to stay on longer
Not everyday he could be there
He had worked on his itinerary
It was meticulously planned
He had accounted for everything
So he thought!

He touched down two days ago
Bent on seeing his childhood
yearnings fulfilled in this land
of heavenly paradise

He would stay in a house-boat
Refreshments and meals provided
The house-boat owner saw to that
He was curious of Dal Lake of
Gulmarg and Phahalgam, a fascination

Warned to be wary of political discontent
Marauding groups fighting for separation
Independence or whatever
but he did not see any

What he saw were streams of
clear spring waters gushing
down the hill sides amidst sprays
of rainbow in the cool breeze
Watering the lush green meandering
Around boulders on both sides of
country roads

Of beautiful maidens with rosy cheeks
Manning little stalls in all innocence
Offering fruits and food to the hungry
Beside them were pelts of leopards and
Bengal tigers and myriads of leather goods
What did he do wrong to be requested home
What was so pressing that his presence was needed
That he could not fathom

He had to leave bidding farewell
To the grand Kashmiri landscape
Though he felt upon ascending
Through the clouds, Srinagar beckons
For a later occasion that he hoped

Written for Thomg's hosting at 3WW CCCLIV


  1. Quite the spot to be, no wonder he didn't want to leave

  2. oh i would hope he gets that opportunity again as it sounds like he found a most wonderful place....

  3. This is a real journey..a paradise to savour for sure..

  4. What a mixture of emotions here where something so beautiful is found but snatched away not knowing, only hoping that it can be found again.

  5. Now that would be the place to sit and rest a while

  6. Ah! kashmir,,,the paradise on earth:)

  7. Sounds like he stumbled across something much better than he was expecting.

  8. Kashmir is never covered on the US news, the conflict there. So glad to hear there is more than that going on. Your description sounds like heaven... and the "road traveled" in this poem is beautifully realized. Hank, you have shown us a paradise, indeed, and I thank you... also, nice to see your comment on my blog, my friend. Peace, Amy

  9. Permanance...within touching distance...yet denied!

  10. it seemed so beautiful there now wonder he wished to stay.