Friday, January 25, 2013


                                                                                                 Image by LaurMG
Image: Frustrated writer
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)
Elusive and mysterious
Lurking in the shadows 
Where Art Thou, Creativity!
Show yourself,  let me see

Unflagging faith in your presence
Loyalty unquestioned
We’ve been through together
Why aren’t you here?

Where are you
This won’t do
Hear my plea
It’s plain to see

It used to come easy
Just you and me
Whether in writings
or in sketchings

It’s kind of slow
And I’m on a low
But now it’s a shock
Yet again the old Writer’s Block!

Written for Anna's hosting at d'Verse, Meeting the Bar with prompt - Creativity


  1. Ah yes, Hank, I think we all go through phases like this. Thankfully, they pass. Well expressed.

  2. haha fun flow, sure you never get such a thing at your show, as many a post doesn't come, all one has to do is look around, or even hum.

  3. the only way through writers block is by writing...there are times it comes easier for sure...its like exercise it any way...smiles.

  4. Love the image.

    No writer's block here. Just keep writing!

  5. I hate it when that happens ~ I find that if I keep on writing the flow comes back again ~

    Happy weekend Hank ~

  6. The block will come and go ... just keep flowing :-)

  7. I saw a quote once that said "Writer's block is a temporary condition" :)

  8. ...Ah, writer's i often encounter thee...i think i needed to stretch my brain a bit more to somehow lessen the chance of encountering it again...smiles...

  9. there are def. times when it's easier and some when it's more everything in life me's the same with cooking or getting up in the morning... i like to see writer's block de-mystified...smiles

  10. For me, writer's block is a sure sign that I need to go and do some real living. It's amazing how quickly I find things to write about when I stop trying to write :-)

  11. I can feel the frustration...and the photo oozes it...and this too shall pass. :)

  12. Words come usually when I am not writing then when I start, I lose what I had in my head.

  13. Oh, Hank, I know how it is. I have a writing style I call "humorous essayist" and when it's on, it's right on, but when it's gone, it's all gone. Right now it is long gone. I wrote about 18 chapters of my book "An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travels" and hardly had to stop to think about it. Admittedly, the chapters are short, and some are VERY short, but they all flowed out through my fingertips. Then they stopped. And it's been years, literally.
    They're there, at the beginning of my blog, in 2009, but I can't write new ones, despite all the traveling we do.
    I'm doing plenty of writing, especially at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, but the style that used to define me won't come back.
    It will, I know it will, but I'm getting very frustrated.
    I love your poem. Is it okay if I copy it and keep it on my desktop?

    1. You have always been my favorite, Kay! Your comments come from the heart. I appreciate very much your photos especially those of faraway places like Russia which I hope to visit but not likely yet. Maybe one day!

      That's what I thought so! You did lovely narratives,I remember. I too left off my sketchings for some years. I've done a few recently but not as many. I told myself I'll pick up where I left off. Maybe 13 this year is a lucky number. I hope there'll be an inspiration of a turn around later.

      I feel so honored if you keep it. It's a simple verse but please do. Thanks Ma'am!


  14. Crikey! I thought for a moment you'd acquired a photo of me from a few centuries ago! I eally enjoyed your lightsome handling of the subject, though. It's more effective than all that handwringing, I think.

  15. Ah, yes... we can all relate to this... rhyme is a great tool for me when I experience writer's block. That and form.

  16. Your poem illustrates how we are not in control of our brains. We often can't find patience, courage, concentration, memories and much more -- whereas we remember other times when these come to us easily. Our thoughts and our emotions do not belong to us as intimately as we imagine.

    Thus, I love the phrase of "Muses" used in poetry -- for it is not like "God" or "Allah" in that they are playfully obvious about the personification process of the above.

    Thanx for gettin' me thinkin' Hank!

  17. I enjoy the humor and relatability of your verse. Too many times we have to plead for inspiration and the words to see this process through. Thanks so much for joining us!

  18. Yes the fright of the white when the black lacks