Monday, January 14, 2013

Memorable Tea Meeting

                                                                                  Attribution: Hank's collections

Image:  The six long-time friends, OPs Akbar, Salleh ( Maj-Gen, Datuk, Dr) Mohd Nor
( Datuk, Dr),Razali and foreground, the host, Amirudin (Datuk,Dr). Hank snapped the pic

Process Note: We're are just within the vicinity. We bumped into each other at odd times before but after sometime we never get to meet. Among us we might not have seen each other for decades. On Jan 13, OP Amirudin ( Datuk, Dr) graciously played host and invited us for tea and we got on to have a big yarn together. The relief and the fun was just fantastic!

A journey a little
A nostalgic quest
A yearning so subtle
For not having set eyes
Not seen each other
for decades on end
An awaited phone call
it finally came
Six friends on a journey
of old times together
to rekindle a grand memory
It was such a wonder

Life is a flower 
of which love is the honey

A big yarn and friendly banter
The minutes flew fast, it was plain to see
Since the ice is now broken
And we're within contact easily
And we righteously have spoken
We've vowed to meet again, certainly

Prompt: Victor Hugo's, Life is a flower of which love is the honey as the prompt in the verse.


  1. Must have been great to catch up and reminsce as well as create more memories as well, like you never stopped seeing one another too it sounds like.

  2. sounds like you had a great meeting...warm....and as well you have it to look forward to when you meet again....

  3. I like this Hank ~ Great to see old friends renewing their ties ~

  4. So lovely to spend time with old friends. I do hope it happens again soon. Nicely, Hank:-)

  5. Meeting with old friends is always a pleasure :-)

  6. Splendid....I love the picture and the fact that you all took the time to meet again. It is lovely to see how each other grows and changes while still remaining the same where it counts. Loved this...great glimpse.

  7. Oh Hank, I had a similar experience this past summer. My husband and I gathered with college friends we had not seen in many years... the memories/yarns tied us together as if we'd never been apart.

  8. Long may the friends smile together!

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  9. Nothing to compare with such a meet-up!

  10. There is nothing as good as a reunion!

  11. You remind me, with this poem Hank, to relish the long-time friendships. This is easy for me to forget. Thank you.


  12. So nice all look so make me miss Asia!