Saturday, January 12, 2013

Water Hyacinth

                                                                                       Attribution:  Hank's collection
Image:1 The first bloom appeared on Jan 11, 2013
There were grass carp and cat-fish at different
times in the enclosure - a  small pond-like thing
at the backyard. The heat was unforgiving and the
fish did not survive for long

A lean-to or a tiny top cover would be ideal
It needed shade. But the backyard was already
cramped. This option was not pursued. Something
to be done to the water surface was the alternative
This enclosure did not cover much space so it
should be easy

It all started with just two tiny stalks
These grew very fast. They spread out with
daughter-stalks in all directions. I was the
culprit who kept throwing in of what were
left of the old fish feed in the initial stages.
These acted as fertilizer and spawned
the growth faster.

On Jan 11, our 'little pond' sprung a surprise
A tiny flower stalk stole out the previous evening
I didn't think much of it. The next morning the
first ever blooms appeared - three little clumps.
The following day more appeared. It was exhilarating!

Water hyacinth is known to block waterways, clogging
the water surface. It prevents sunlight from reaching the
bottom that supports marine life. But for this
enclosure it is a controlled situation. It's all right!

I plan to stock the pond again with only the hardy
cat-fish to help ward off mosquitoes. The water is
cooler now with the surface cover. But I would have
to keep the growth and progress of the water hyacinth
in check.

Note: The prompt calls for something on 'growing up'. It's most opportune
as it was a few months growing and the first bloom appeared at the right time

Written for Stu's hosting at d'Verse, POETICS - 'Growing-up'


  1. what a happy post for today! good pics make it

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  2. nice...what a pretty bloom...and i am glad it wont be a problem for you as with the waterways and will play into your grand plan...

  3. Beautiful pictures and poem, Hank. Your poem is a reminder that all living things 'grow up.'

  4. Beautiful flowers, what nice take on the prompt, thoroughly enjoyed this, it's great when things grow...good luck with the fish! :)

  5. ...Very beautiful...i always thought of Hyacinth with all its splendid appearance & shape to look like a bouquet of alluring butterflies...smiles...

  6. there are some really strong images here. Really enjoyed reading this one!

  7. very cool...they look beautiful...and i'm sure you manage to keep the growth in check

  8. well this is a great take on the prompt. Flowers are so symbolic of life, and the way you frame this, against the backdrop of winter, really heightens this. Nice to see some colour in this poem!

  9. All living things have a place and grow into thier own space, great weave indeed at your feed.

  10. I like how you took this prompt...those flowers bring joy after so much care ~ Thanks for the pictures Hank ~

  11. re-stocking the pond is a great metaphore

  12. I love your blooms. the colours are strikingly gorgeous.
    Good luck on your new fish breeding project.

  13. Loved the story - and the extended metaphor too. Sometimes those pretty things that look so attractive can choke us to death if we let them get out of control or into the wrong places, but in their place they can be exquisite. It's all a question of balance with the right time and place.