Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Image:1 A similar kind that we encountered but more greenish at the lighter colored areas of the body. One of the most poisonous apparently
Image:2 A similar kind of  'rowing boat' that we used seating two persons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This is based on a day of what seemed fun for a 15 year old but on
hindsight was wrought with danger. Has to be read with the prose
posting (here)

Such countless danger
Bravado, headstrong, bold and
brave, folly of  youth

The slithering kind
Coconut hunters, hunger,
thirst and exhaustion

Retrieving the boat
Snakes with vengeance might follow
but devoid of choice

Lastly the weather
Choppy seas, dark clouds, without
safety of life vest

Written for Poetry Jam with prompt - danger 


  1. Sometimes until we look back, we truly don't know the danger we were in at our shack. Surprised I'm still alive after all the crap I did haha

  2. def better have that vest if the weather is picking up...was just talking today about all the snakes they are getting int eh everglades 17 foot ones....ack

  3. This makes me think of how kids tend not to appreciate the ramifications of their actions... Wow!

  4. Hi Hank...I've read your earlier account and your poem here. What an experience. And you're right, in hindsight a lot of things done as young people were dangerous. We did think we were pretty invincible then, didn't we? Glad everything turned out all right, and you have a good story to tell your own grandchildren. Ha. Enjoyed seeing the picture of the 'young Hank' too!!

  5. A quadruple whammy! If I had a dollar for every foolish thing I did when I was younger, I'd be rich. I'm glad you survived it all :)

  6. How foolish we are when young...hopefully we survive our youth and learn from it.

  7. Folly of the young ... well said !!!

  8. ...that's why there is what we called 'future'... to make one clearly aware and realize that not so good acts / decisions made on yesterday... a wonderful experience to share and read at my end... smiles...

  9. Yes, a touch of the youthful immortals here.

  10. Reckless when young...the gravity of it registers as we grow up.

  11. Hank, what a story! We do so many things as kids and don't think about dangers, then want to pull our hair out when our kids do the same thing :-) Wonderful poem, so glad the snakes didn't get you!

  12. Oh my gosh! Danger tripled! You lucky boys to have made it back with the boat and your skins intact!

  13. I agree Hank, so lucky! I am happy you all survived..yikes! I do remember doing one extremely dumb, dangerous thing. It involved an island, high tide and the person I was with couldn't swim...danger!

  14. Oh. That does sound dangerous. Funny, the things we do when we're young.

  15. If we knew at the time we did some of these things we might have been paralyzed with fear. You were lucky! Is that snake a krait?

    1. I really don't know Peggy! But the dark rings around the body were unmistakably similar. How poisonous is a krait,I wonder!


  16. You were very adventurous and brave as a child. And it sounds like you learned from this experience, a part of growing up :)

  17. yes, when young we do such mad things!

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  18. It's amazing how some experiences from one's youth are survived!