Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Plovers And Sandpipers

                                                                                    Picture by Alan D Wilson
Image: Western Sandpiper feeding at Cattle Point, British Columbia
Sourced from Wikimedia Commons (here)

Prancing on mudflats
Frolicking in the light breeze
With due abundance

Plovers, sandpipers
Small shorebirds of brown and white
Feeding in the sun

Nesting safely on
the ground, migratory and
friendly with nature

Written for Chev's haiku meme CARPE DIEM #61 with prompt Plovers and Sandpipers


  1. nice...now i could sit and watch these for a bit...smiles...with all abundance...ha...i think they just worry less than us...

  2. Nice!..

    Pareng JJ

    ps. Getting more excited. 5 more days and off I go home...

  3. Just nice to sit and watch, just hope a cat isn't around or lunch may be found.

  4. I wish there were more of them at my shore ~

    Happy day Hank ~

  5. They are beautiful~
    I haven't seen one in awhile..
    I love what you shared!

    And your art is gorgeous on your other site ;D

  6. I love watching birds, but have never seen this one ... beautiful words !!!

  7. Nice set of haiku kaykuala, thank you for sharing on Carpe Diem. I will sit down and watch them.

  8. The shorebirds are always a delight to watch as they skitter in and out of the water catching their lunch
    Hope all is well with you :)

  9. Very nice and a good description of these delightful birds.

  10. This is such a nice piece! I wish I could write poetry as well as you :-)