Sunday, December 16, 2012


                                                                                      Artist :  Peter Tillemans
Image: The Artist's Studio
Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

It manifests itself in meager forms
One's belief of wanting to conform
To care for the small details is vital
Lest one is led astray in undesirables
Let's recap on what is expected
A maverick adamant in being selected
Spare a thought then, and be counted
Relating sparingly reasons for the onslaught

Pen and water-color the classic tools disregarded
Delve into it to get at the ideas to develop
Create a personal style and improve on designs
Journalize travels, sketch on site at real time

A sketch-book pregnant with information
Line drawings with color washes enhanced
Adept at moving sketched objects around
Liberty to create a well framed composition
Vanishing points and perspectives affords reality
Creates broadsides and looking down at infinity
Start and conjure little things with rough details
To complete at later time for what these entail

Written for Brian's at d'Verse's Poetics - Sweat the Small Stuff


  1. Superb opening couplet:

    It manifests itself in meager forms
    One's belief of wanting to conform

  2. i know this for sure from back when i used to paint, i would rough ina sketch and take it home to play with....i guess too somethins i would add a bit more than there originally but that is creative license eh?

  3. i think it's exactly that liberty that you mention that i love in paintings and don't have to stick with the rules or reality...just let it flow..smiles

  4. I like the process here Hank ~ Like poetry, it starts with small details, a thought or a line ~

  5. A bit shines through, as more and more comes due, great look at the process of the details, which surely set the sails.

  6. Very nice work, Hank. There really are parallels between creating a poem and creating a painting/drawing. Your poem was rich with details!

  7. I second Claudia here... this is lovely.

  8. A wonderful inside look at the processes of an artist. Good one, Hank! Are you painting these days? I hope so!

    1. Warming myself up for pen and watercolor sketches for 2013. Another new year resolution I hope to focus on. Thanks Sherry!


  9. Keep getting better. The new year will hopefully bring greater inspiration

  10. oh, i agree! the first two lines totally pulled me in! great take on the prompt!