Monday, December 17, 2012


                                                                       Picture by Andy Magee
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

Wintry days that many certify
Deja vu of years gone by
Cold, wet, dark and drab
With switched on lights
Solitary cars gingerly
Making their way slowly
In the misty morning
Forlornly chugging

It doesn't take a sorcerer
To fathom the horror
To determine what of coming days
Keeping sober on sodden pathways
May take some effort in many ways
Staying healthy following their forays

One hears of multiple cars
Of arrogance unsurpassed
Planing on slippery sheets of ice
With dire consequences as a price
Those with uncharitable attitudes
Speedster's car that packs a wallop
Semblance of awareness is asked for
Christmas cheer is just around the corner

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #148, as well as  Mary's Poetry Pantry #128 and Kerry's Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. oy, not a great season for driving, with the fog and ice and everyone trying to get somewhere too quick....there is a little irony in your last line of cheer around the corner....def for some...if they make it...

    1. I've added the word 'Remember' to emphasize that all should be careful to enjoy Christmas in a few days. Hope it corrects the impression. Thanks for suggesting,Brian!


  2. Yeah stay off the road best I can with all the nuts around and the crummy snow, but once one gets where they are going, some cheer is showing.

  3. Great message as the roads get wetter and ever more slippery!

  4. Oh, your poem on this wintery road-so well paved the path of what many will endure~ Well Done

  5. Yes it is just around the corner ~

    Have a good day Hank ~

  6. Scary roads indeed. Nice one. Xmas soon.

  7. Arrive alive!!! Very nice, Hank!

  8. Christmas cheer is right around the corner... YES! Hope yours is great, Hank.

  9. Yes, it always boggles my mind when people drive too fast on slippery roads, putting everyone else at risk. Good one, Hank.

  10. It's always good to be safe, even if you are late on your journey. Nothing is more precious than life. Nice poem !!!

  11. Planing--which I originally read planning--has a few levels to it, the coasting of mind and heart as well as of car. Good warning and greetings.

  12. I love how you use the word gingerly and the image you give us there...also...I was eaves dropping on your comment to Brian..."careful to enjoy Christmas," you're right we do need to feel fully the miracle of Christmas. Great write, Hank.

  13. I no longer drive in winter, for all those reasons you mentioned, Hank, added to my age, my vision, and my righteous fears.
    With best wishes to you and yours, for health and happiness,

  14. This is very good.

  15. ...a strong, susceptible write Hank... there was many a def descriptive voices in your poem that volumes a command or portent to the readers... excellent!


  16. Late Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day is a good time not to be on the road, I've always felt. You put the issues tellingly.

  17. I will certainly be driving safely! Happy New Year!

  18. really get this at the moment. Been a tricky ride home every dark night. You captured it brilliantly: thank you. And just a week to go...

  19. Yes, lets remember Christmas cheer....lovely message here Hank!

  20. Great double layers to this if you want to see them. Slippery roads, indeed. Let's hope for Christmas cheer.

  21. we need some Christmas cheer right now! and rain, snow, sleet or ice, we need to drive carefully.