Monday, December 24, 2012


                                                                                Artist: Johan Christian Dahl
Image: A Volcanic Eruption
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

What could have happened
Forces beyond comprehension
Of disasters and eruptions
Of happenings beyond reason
The heavens disturbed
The clock-work disrupted
The rage conniving, against the human kind
God forbid, it came and went
But it's still intact
That's a  fact

But is it?
Perhaps not the end of the world
Perhaps just the end of an era
of peace and quiet
So they rationalized, unperturbed

But we foresee calamities
Some are already apparent
Reports of widespread floods
in Scotland, northern England
Jakarta, the east coast of Malaysia
Volcanic eruption in Argentina
Heavy snowfall in many places
In the last 24 hours

If someone made a miscalculation
It's not Dec 21 but later
Or worst a misinterpretation
Not end of an era
But end of the world
Later very much later
But in our lifetime
It shudders the imagination!

It's not over yet!
Not to be too happy
Lest we forget!

Written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry#129,  Kerry's at Real Toads' Open Link Mondays #24 and One Single Impression #252 with prompt - imagine 


  1. We never know, Hank. Enjoy the Now, my friend.

  2. The mystery continues...not sure if I am ready to find Need to get my affairs in order. A heady social comment, loved it. Merry Christmas!

    1. Many resigned to just not wanting to be reminded. The right way to it, Herotomost!


  3. Could have been bad if it was true, thankfully it is a bunch of hocus pocus, no one can or every will predict it just by guessing a date, so we are safe with our fate.

  4. I see your perspective, Hank; but I choose to believe we put an end to an era of blindness and disenchantment, and we begin an age of enlightenment...of light.

    And I so appreciate the light you shine and share all year. Happy Holiday Season!


    1. Thanks Kim! That should be the way it is!


  5. A lot to think about in this poem, Hank. So many disasters and dangerous weather in various places. It would be nice to think / hope that perhaps we are at the end of a negative cycle and a positive cycle is on our doorstep. least HOPE continues to live on!

    Thanks for being such a great supporter of Poetry Pantry!

    1. Yes, now we look forward for a safer and more peaceful future. You're most welcomed Mary!


  6. interesting words...:)

  7. Thanks for this fabulous contribution. Imagining what is....for what it is.

  8. the end can come at any times...this is why we should look at each day as a blessing...and do with it what we will...smiles...not in fear but in life...

  9. I would like to be more optimistic to enjoy life. There are far too many possible disasters that can happen.

    1. Dear Pakcik,
      Yes, doomsday had been played up too many times. It had now lost its lustre! Many were not affected nor wished to know about them! But strangely there were people who stocked up food in anticipation!


  10. agree with Brian.. and enjoy each day as the gift/present that it is..

  11. Yes, we shouldn't be so gullible...not yet!
    A great reminder to leave each day in the present!

    Merry Christmas to you n' yours!

  12. yesterday is gone... tomorrow will never arrive... we can but live in the present and not worry about things we cannot change.

    wishing you peace and joy in the new year, Hank!