Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year!

                                                                             Author: Nevit Dilman
Image: A New Year card                                                                        
Source: Licensed through Wikimedia Commons (here)

What holds true for the New Year
That things ought to be better
Let's see the smorgasbord on offer
That's it! New Year resolutions galore

But one went through the works
This year, the year before even
Some changes yes, changes that quirk
Were there really learning points?

Well, not to be too hard on oneself
Imagine to covert within 365 days!
Work on percentages and change a little
Then it'll be a forgiving year to face

Happy New Year everyone
2012 gave lots of  fun!

Written for Claudia's hosting at d'Verse - Poetics, Change & Turns


  1. Hi Hank, I love your optimism here. 2012 was good; and 2013 will be better. (And, yes, a forgiving year is always good.) Happy New Year to you!

  2. I like the positivity that really brings your words to life.

  3. It's all in our perspective, eh? Happy New Year, Hank!

  4. I like working on percentages, small or otherwise ~

    Wishing you Happy New Year Hank ~ Thanks for all the visits during the year ~

  5. smiles...we have 365 days....things wont change on january 1st...nothing worth it at takes a long time to affect change but it begins with a decision...

  6. embracing the learning points but not being too hard on ourselves...think that's a good way...and yes..there are 365 days...enough time to get aquainted with the year..smiles

  7. ..we have 365 days in a year to change for the better or worst... whatever the results changes must happen.. i just hope changes you had this 2012 were all happened for the better... happy new year Hank.. smiles..

  8. This is beautiful. Hope the new years brings with it lots of joy and happiness for all !!!

  9. Ah, changing a little at a time is good steps...many ways to look at could write a book about the subject...probably have,,,Happy New Year to you!

  10. Not to be too hard on there's a resolution worth keeping! Thanks for the smiles this one brought.

  11. Great sentiments to match the writing. Have yourself a wonderful New Year.

  12. Happy new year, but yeah many fall into such a trap I fear, thinking that one magic day will change all by some stupid resolution they say.

  13. Optimism at it's best. Happy New Year!

  14. Yes, indeed, the wisdom is to take it slow but to take it, each and every day. Enjoy the new year!

  15. Love the optimism here, with every good wish for 2013

  16. Hank, very well penned, as usual :-) Happy New Year!!