Thursday, December 20, 2012


Process Note: The neighborhood kids would very much miss young Daniel whose family moved out to L.A. They had been friends for some years playing together at the nearby field, cycling around or were just a noisy lot during their PS3 playing sessions ( PS3 sessions were precious as these were only allowed during the school holidays)

Norman and Kimie are now more determined to go to the Anaheim Disney. The boys made a pact to meet there perhaps sometime next year. There are more reasons to go, now!

 Image:1 At their PS3 session, eve of departure ( Dickson, Norman, Kimie and Daniel)

Image: 2 My two other grandchildren came by ( Nabil, Norman, Sarah, Daniel and Kimie)

 Image:3 Just having some serious talk Daniel, Nabil and Kimie)
 Image:4 Nabil bade farewell as he had to leave

 Image: 4 Later in the day they played again when Dickson came by

 Image: 5 Time to leave, a last group photo so they thought (Dickson, Daniel,Kimie and Norman)

 Image: 6 Later, Daniel came back again to bid farewell (with Norman)

 Image: 7 Parting was just too difficult (with Kimie)

 Image: 8 On the morning of departure, one last time ( Norman, Imran, Kimie and Daniel)

 Image 9 No, not to be. They came back again to the house for a big yarn, just minutes to go

Image: 10 Parting was just plain difficult. Some famous last words from Daniel before leaving

Note: A previous posting on the neighborhood kids (here)

Been in the offing quite some bit
None would want to think about it
Young minds might not realize the pain
They knew good friends would meet again!

They knew young Daniel would move out
To L.A. it had been touted
The neighborhood kids took it plain
They knew good friends would meet again

They cycled with all shrieks and squeals
Or kicking football on the field
They were around with all the din
They knew good friends would meet again

The day came sadly last Tuesday
The day young Daniel went away
PS3 now played with restrain
They knew good friends would meet again

Norman and Kimie set their minds
Next stop would now be Anaheim
Parting was temporary pain
They knew good friends would meet again

Written for Gay's hosting at d'Verse, FormForAll - A Kyrielle ( a poetry form of rhymed quatrains, maintaining 8 syllables in each line  and with a repetition of the last line)


  1. Very cute -- leaving is sad.
    This summer while staying with strangers in Europe and making friends, when we left, my son said to me. "That is weird to think, I will not see these folks again." It is the first time he really understood "goodbye".
    Sweet poem

  2. nice...moving piece man...good friends will meet again, we hope that you know...and at that age anything is possible...its not easy for kids or anyone to say goodbye to friends and i think too that we deny it internally until its done...and then you feel the whole...

  3. great poem of friendship!

    Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >

  4. I enjoyed your photos, Hank, and I loved your poem. So hard to say good - bye to one's friends when one is a kid.....or any time really! Very poignant poem.

  5. The form worked well here - it had a children's song/ jumprope rhyme aspect to it - given by the rhyme and the repeated refrain. I think this was very clever, and liked it a lot. Hope they do make it to Disneyland. I like it best of the Disney parks.

  6. Sucks when good freinds leave, but that is life I suppose and sure all will stay in touch and be missed much, great verse too!

  7. I am sure they will meet again ~ Those pictures are precious, Hank ~

  8. Good bye is so final. I prefer au revoir - until we meet again. This poem is a fine tribute to friendship.

  9. I hope they do all get to meet again. It is so hard to say goodbye, at any age.

  10. Beautiful children and a wonderful poem to match :)

  11. oh heck difficult for kids when friends move away...but good when there's a perspective to meet again...going to disney in anaheim made me know...i lived 10 walking minutes from disney during my 4 weeks cali stay and somehow never made it there...ugh...a shame...

  12. you did get the names right...smiles...happy holidays hank...will be around just not posting so i am sure i will get to say it again...

  13. Excellent Kyrielle, most impressive.

    Have a Grand Christmas and thanks for all your posts in 2012.

  14. Oh, it's so hard for good friends to part..I can feel the angst. Love your photos, Hank, that illustrated the children's last moments together...very bittersweet. A lovely kyrielle on their behalf.