Sunday, November 11, 2012


                                                                             Verdun 1917 by Felix Vallotton 
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

Man against man
A common cause
of human conflict

A flare up of fire power
A common course
of conflict resolution

A test of strength
A show of strength

The Battle of Verdun
Soldiers against soldiers
Reportedly the longest
For the whole of ten months
One of the most devastating
In World War One
A war to end all wars
So it was known

But human conflicts persist
To this day battles rage
Now soldiers against civilians
with added precision

A crying shame
Excuses so lame
Women and children are game
Collateral damage is the name
A description given
without conscience

Written for Tess' Magpie Tales #143


  1. Some great flow
    As the rhyme does show
    And yeah it is pretty crap
    That because of some high upon the throne chap
    All we get in the way
    Are collateral damage and caused much worse than dismay

  2. cant imagine the decision to go to war...i would hope they think out all the collateral damage...and not just those killed but families left without a parent or spouse...but we fail to find a better way...

    #2 at your show

  3. War. Such an ugly word. And reality. Divides families, countries and humanity.

  4. A fine summation, it really brings out the crass stupidity and hypocrisy of the whole thing. And what a superb painting!

  5. War is always about sufferings !!!

  6. Well thought-out, well written...

  7. Goes on and on, forever..Our nature? Well done..

  8. That is sooooo poignant. One of the strongest for this week's prompt!

  9. There really are no winners in war, apart from the arms dealers.
    I watched the movie 'Saving private Ryan' the other day. The most poignant part of the movie for me was, when the army sent an officer and a priest to tell the mother that three out of four of her sons had all been killed....before they even said anything, she knew... she fell to the ground on the front deck... that really had me choking back the tears.
    Very touching, and realistic view on war Hank.

  10. way too much collateral damage


  11. Sad, isn't it, that the 'war to end all wars' didn't turn out to be so. A fine write here, Hank.

  12. a flare up of the fire element indeed, Hank , and your right, there is no con-science involved inthese matters, cheers mate

  13. You must have been influenced by the recent political battle....I feel your frustration.