Thursday, November 22, 2012


 Image:1 Hank at the beach in Bali. The hotel conveniently fronts the beach

 Image: Azhar my youngest having the time of his life

Image:3 Shadah with Azhar (some Aussies in the background)

Sea breeze nodding by
Rapport with the light waves to
quiet slow ripples

Hitting the beach to
countless holiday-makers
enjoying the sun

Ravenous tsunami
Not part of the equation
On with it, people!

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #51 with prompt -beach-


  1. Sounds and looks like quite the spot
    To have fun a whole lot
    Unless an actual tsunami hits
    Then it could be the pits
    First first
    With my burst

  2. What a lovely beach haiku ... beautiful photographs :-)

  3. Nicely done Kaykuala ... beautiful pictures also. Thank you for sharing this series with Carpe Diem.

  4. yikes..a tsunami does not sound like much fun at all...kinda scary actually....enjoy the beach though...i love the peace it brings me...

  5. Beach is lovely as long as the tsunami never comes, still remember 2004. Very nice set of poetry :-)

  6. Uncle Hank, listen to my version.

    Aaahhhh....the beach
    Expansive white sand
    Endless possibilities
    For poo and pee

    Har har har *evil laughs*....sorry but to us, the beach is a super mega sized litterr box!

  7. Lovely sunshine in your photos, Hank. We're enjoying our cruise through Europe but we haven't seen much sun. Fortunately, however, we haven't seen any rain.
    We're now in Vienna...Dick is out with all the other passengers, seeing the sights, and I'm warm and cozy in the ship's lounge with my computer AND a book to read. Plenty of coffee, tea, and nice nibbly things nearby. Dick will come back with lovely photos and I'll have them for my blog when we get home next week.
    But a beach would be nice!

  8. Hank, you had me all warm and cozy, mentally lying on a warm sandy beach in So. California... and then TSUNAMI!

    And that's exactly how they present themselves. No warning. Hope this has not been your personal experience.

    Thanks for being such a wonderful contributor to my posts. Many blessings for a nice trip. Amy