Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rich and Poor

                                                                          Picture by Jamie Davies
Image: Banner 'Capitalism Plunders' at G20 Meltdown Protest, London 2009
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Haves and the haves-not
Social conflicts besetting
deemed rich and real poor

Bridging the wide gap
To right the social fabric
Fairness to the fore

as against socialism
keeps grinding the wheels

Given the present,
Capitalism leads the
way, widening still!

Written for Ella's at Poets United's Wonder Wednesday #11 with prompt -bridge-


  1. it is def an ever widening gap...i think we will continue to see that as well because there are somethings that those in power wont admit until they run the ship into the ground..

  2. That is definitely one bridge that is hard to cross! A thought-provoking write, Hank.

  3. Gap keeps getting bigger and bigger, not sure it will ever fill, hopefully it does one day.

  4. As with everything, a blend is best. Modern day capitalism already IS a blend... the problem is how far socialist must we go before it isn't capitalism anymore - that is what worries me. Oh, don't get me going. :)

  5. A well displayed bridge that leads to gap ... well said !!!

  6. I hear you, Hank. Capitalism works so well for the rich that they are not likely to worry too much for those of us at the bottom.........great topic.

  7. Hank,

    A very realistic poem, which touches all areas of the world, especially in these times. The great division of those with and those without...Great words Hank:)


  8. It seems the gap grows wider every day.... I wonder if there could ever be a real balance between the have and have-nots... Only if greed were ever eradicated, I think.

  9. Thought provoking poem, asking an old and ,so far ,unanswered question. Very nicely expressed. My favorite line is, 'fairness to the fore' I just wonder if that will ever happen!

  10. I agree you gave us much to ponder! A difficult bridge that needs a lot of work~ A great use of the prompt :D

  11. Yes the gap is definitely ever-widening and it's becoming more and more troublesome. I can only hope and pray that we can someday reverse this trend. Thank you for bringing such awareness to this issue through your wonderful poetry.

  12. Let's pray the gap will narrow and the bridge will be ever more stable