Saturday, November 10, 2012


Image: War Veterans Marching in Boston
Image Source: Through Wikimedia Commons (here)

A gun in his hand
Folks all around him
Fallen unlucky ones
Others looking grim

Where does it all end
Months here without relief
Tour of duty a second time
Something’s got to give

Came by in the night
All on his own, alone
His gun viciously sprayed
Dead more than a dozen

Back home he is on trial
‘Revenge killing’ so it seems
All alone facing the rap
But is it fair only him?

Those that he didn’t trust
Sent him there for what reason
Others showed their disgust
Jon Michael Turner for one (here)

Written for Karin's Poetics - Making Peace at d'Verse


  1. Questions that just keep coming
    As those high above continue the war drumming
    Not sure the answers are as easy as can be
    And first first at your sea

  2. ugh you know you have to wonder where it all ends...eyes for an eye leaves everyone blind you know....

    1. this would fit great with poetics today hank...

    2. Thanks Brian. In fact I wrote just for it. But I'm still having my computer difficulties. Linking is affected and it hangs along the way. Responses to comments affected too. I'll get over it! Would have to try many times. Thanks once again!


    3. ugh, sorry you are having such a hard time man...i dont like computer problems...

  3. War should be only when you are attacked. The word pre-emptive must be rejected.

  4. Hank, so glad you linked up despite your difficulties. What a sad situation. Some just don't have an answer. What can one do? (Maybe not have wars!) Thanks for participating and with such a heart-felt poem. k.

  5. 'As ye sow, so shall ye reap' comes to mind.

  6. those he didn't trust sent him difficult..

  7. glad you were determined and linked it up!
    sad, strong... and brilliantly written.

  8. This is a sad situation Hank ~ And this is one of the reasons why the young today (including my son) are so bitter and disillusioned about government actions specially of war ~

    Glad you can linked up ~

  9. Sad situation, Hank. Nice write.

  10. Wow, I watched that whole video. Horrible. I have worked with the military, taking care of their health when they return and screening for suicidal and homicidal traits --- it is easy to see why this occurs. Thanx for the poem and the link on this day that some people treat only with honor. They forget the shame, horror and evil