Friday, November 23, 2012


                                                                            Picture by Bohringer Friedrich .
Image: Large flowering head of a matured sunflower
Sourced  through Wikimedia Commons (here)

Given to niceties
When growing up through the  years
Life had been forgiving

Now more towards
challenging times
Opening up to old age

Health-wise afflictions
slowly creep in,on the quiet
but progressively

Testing times on hold
or arrested wholly, lucky me
Work or at play one takes
the middle road

Thankful for the morrow
That offers so much for those
who strive at their own pace

Written for Sam's Forms for All at d'Verse with theme 'Giving Thanks'


  1. smiles...i think we all have to find our own pace hank...and hopefully as we age the afflictions are not too bad...and we can make it through and experience the goodness of life...

    glad to hear you got a new computer...that is great...smiles.

    1. Yes, Brian! To each his own. A reasonable life-style will keep the afflictions away, so they say! Things are under control now! Thanks!


  2. There's so much to be thankful but yes, I think we realise it through age.

  3. Lisa Ma'am,
    We mature through age,That's true!


  4. it's so important to find our own pace...and so difficult in a world that dictates it's fast pace on us..isn't it...yeah...we may get wiser and more skilled and experienced to walk in our own pace as we grow there's hope..smiles

  5. Age helps us grow ... we learn with experience ... well said !!!

  6. You sound very youthful Hank. Age is a state of mind...although sometimes your muscles remind you:)
    Cressida de Nova.

  7. Amen, Amen, A-ruddy-men! Thanks for this.

  8. Yes, indeed. It is all about gratitude and attitude. Even the obstacles in our path aren't there to cause us anger, they're there for us as puzzles to solve and if we learn the lesson, they're gone.
    Very nice and poetically said, Hank.

  9. I specially like the last stanza Hank ~

    Happy weekend to you ~

  10. Glad things are under control, sucks when life takes such a stroll and give you afflictions by the ton, had quite a few this year under my sun. But at our own pace we must go.

  11. Wonderful ode not just to the appreciation of life at it comes, but also for the peacefulness that comes with acceptance. So much to be thankful for, yes.

  12. Lovely poem :) I too am grateful for taking things easier now without the pressure of work. Keep well.

  13. I so relate to this, Hank. You've touched upon the key to aging well.

  14. Well done-I too love how you gathered your thoughts, in the last stanza! :D

  15. This is highly philosophical and beautiful. Looking at the flower head and its details makes one think. Who are we and where are we heading for?

  16. i hope you had a good weekend hank...

  17. Hank, sorry I have not been here more! Catching up, and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. This poem resonated with me because, well, I'm 55, and yes, sometimes the arthritis kicks in more than other days. But I am truly thankful for all I have, as I know you are. Bless you, friend. Amy

  18. Life has so much to be thankful for.
    Nicely said.

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  19. Thankfulness is good at any age. I like this, Hank.