Thursday, May 3, 2012


                                                               Image: Make a Wish by feainne

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Ella at Real Toads

How I wished I had wings to soar above
I would be free searching with ease at last
For a fertile valley for the dirt farmer down below
Feeding the hungry not a problem any more

How I wished I had 4 hands two on each side
I could then accomplish more working like mad
Doubling my productivity for King and country
Standing tall as a contributor quite happily

How I wished I had bags full of greenbacks
Equitable distribution of income was what we lack
To pass on to those deprived already with anger
Which any good government should really bother

How I wished I had 4 eyes with 2 at the back
Shooting from behind would be a dastardly act
I could preempt attempts to bump me off easy
Of cowards crouching would be acts of  futility

How I wished I could dream on with foolery
As someone gullible enough might just worry
That we could solve problems of the Universe
Without taking up arms against those defenseless 

Written for Poetry United's Think Tank Thursday #95 with prompt - wish and Real Toads with prompt - dirt farmer


  1. Lovely wishes Hank ~ I wish it will come true specially sharing the wealth with others ~

  2. i feel you man...i have many the same ease the burden on those that have little...and sometimes wish i had more hands as well..

  3. HANK! This is all in all everything I fight for, too. You have expressed the deepest longings of your soul and every one of your values is on target with LOVE. Having more hands, yes, that is nice. Kinda creepy to think about how it would look! But the thought is wonderful. Bless you. Amy

  4. hehe. my husband had eyes at the back of his head, that was what I told my children :)

  5. Great stuff, Hank. Loved reading this, have a sense it would go well read aloud.

  6. Wonderful wishes! This has a manifesto like quality while also being poetic. k.

  7. You have captured the poverty and the determination of this hard luck life.

  8. If only such wishes would come true, things would be better to view. I'd like the eyes in back my head, noticing when others tried to cause me dread.

  9. Nice wishes Hank. We all need someone fighting in our corner now and then or, someone to ease the burden. Very lovely prose.

  10. This is awesome, Hank ... universal!

  11. There's a saying that "you're preaching to the choir" which means we already agree with you, but you have expressed your dreams and your wishes, and yes, I agree with you.
    Wonderful ideas, Hank.

  12. Enjoyed this... especially the ending. I wish that too.

  13. Lots to think about here. Handouts don't help everyone... too many people are happy to take and not give back, the entitlement philosophy is not a good thing. But I don't think that is what you elude to hear. What if we all go back to an America where we knew our neighbors names, helped each other out... a government that didn't over-regulate and .... well, I won't go on. But yes, a lot to think about with this poem.

  14. My grandma always said, if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.......... but I wish all your wishes could come true, the world would be better off!

  15. I have the same dream and wishes Pare!..

    Nice one!..

    Pareng JJ

  16. Oh, if only...such good wishes and thoughts about reality. Great job with these!