Thursday, May 10, 2012


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Google images

What’s the snag, buddy?
I don’t know, somehow I feel uneasy
What about?
It’s  technology. It’s meant to assist and make things simpler
That’s worrying me
Good is bad?
Yes! For my birthday yesterday, the kids bought me a cell phone
Not bad! I mean it’s a good thing and many happy returns…..
Thanks, But I got the jitters! It’s a touchscreen or whatever…
Great! You get the latest that’s making the rounds
That’s the whole point!
It struck the daylights out of me!. The computer is foreign to me
But this is a cell phone, you said?
Yes, but it’s just the same. I don’t own a cell phone. So they thought why not get me one.
Aren’t you happy?
Of course, I am!
What’s the hang-up then?
I don’t even know how to send messages
You mean texting?
Yes, whatever you call it. And now this… touchscreen…! I don’t even know where to start!  Thanks to technology!

Process notes: There are friends from our generation who refused to be bothered to learn. They are happy to use the fixed line to communicate. The computer is such a fright and they just observe from a safe distance. 

Written for d'Verse Machine Dreams with prompt - technology


  1. I felt the same way when I got my first smart phone. All thumbs. I also felt the trepidation that you felt, though it's strange since I've worked in computers for over 20 years. But I took a 5 year hiatus to teach, and when I got back it was amazing how much had changed. Then I finally got the smart phone. ... fell in love again! :-)

    Your poem is wonderful in how it captures those first moments when technology both fascinates and scares us, until we finally just it as they way it is.

  2. I know some people too who have a computer but are basically afraid of it, who have a basic cell phone (and turn it off most of the day because they say they don't need it) and desire nothing more. I even know people (horrors) who are scared to try a blog. It's an interesting world.

  3. LOL I get this. Kids are growing up with it all and even 2 year old can interact with ipads and such and gain pleasure from it. They know no fear of technology. Older adults tend to be a lot more wary of it all and don't seem too keen to learn it or, they are scared of breaking it.
    I think it's all fabulous and fun but, as with all things, kept in moderation and not allowed to take over our real life.
    Great take on the prompt Hank :)

  4. Yeah there are many who are scared of it, or who just don't care. Sometimes the later is the way to be though, means you get outdoors.

  5. ha. all too real man...our tech is advancing beyond us in many ways...and those that dont keep up begin to feel obsolete....much easier for kids to pick it up...but the older you get the harder it is for many....

  6. It is very difficult for some people. YOU have a sense of humor which conquers just about all. K.

  7. hehe...that's very cool..It’s meant to assist and make things simpler... and sometimes you just wonder... made me think of my mom who's really struggling with some of that new technology...the problem is you can't get far without anymore..

  8. A most common situation, my friend. Technophobia strikes in the most unlikely places. Usually, if you can persuade the phobic that the gismo will not blow up, no matter how many wrong keys or whatever he or she presses, the problem solves itself.

  9. Me too--I have a flip phone that most think of as a prehistoric dinosaur. Maybe someday I'll need more, but there are so many things to need, I haven't got to this one yet. Enjoyed it, Hank.

  10. those last few lines at the end remind me of my parents. of course, my step-mom and mother don't even try. at least my dad tries.

    Sonnet 40

  11. Very interesting dialog here, completely reminds me of a few people I know. Great job. Thanks

  12. Reminds me a little of me when I got my smart phone. I never felt dumber. But now I'm used to it. I feel like it's attached to my hands.

    Nice write Hank.