Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Image:1 A gory sight that can happen anywhere just because some people insist in getting their way on the road. This picture is from google images. I was not anywhere near it!
(Picture Credit: Google images)

Red colored sports car
cut in fast in front of me,
I jammed in the brakes

A few cars behind
did the same but luckily
that no one got hurt

Surely some had cursed
‘He will be a statistics
only pray for him’

RPB pining
hopes of change in behavior
Salvation bodes well

Defensive driving
for peace-loving  citizens
is the right answer

Process note:  A common occurrence of road bullies in the making. Their RPB, their  Recurrent Pattern of Behavior will invariably result in a nasty pile-up. They will continue to speed, to take chances on the road, to weave in and out of long lines. We have to watch out and accommodate them to avoid an accident.  It is waiting to happen.

Just as an employee, who puts his hand in the till , given half a chance he’ll swipe anything. If once caught he should be sacked. His RPB will not change. He will continue to frequent  jail time and promotes himself for bigger jobs as he progresses with age.

Submitted for Haiku Heights #145 with prompt - pine -


  1. Absolutely! Amazing that so many seem not able to see it. Amazing and tragic.

  2. I agree with all of this. Because of so much road rage in England and people being killed with Baseball bats over something minor that happened to tick someone else off, I quit driving there. Here, the pace was always so much slower but, the impatience is starting to creep in here too. I tell my teen, it's okay to drive but, you have to always, always expect the unexpected. People sometimes don't do what you think they will and you have to always be prepared for anything, even then, it's usually the idiots speeding or chatting/texting on their cell phone that causes many crashes, that and impatience.
    well said Hank!

  3. As I see my town growing, I see more road rage and more accidents. Wish people were more careful. Glad you were not in the picture.

  4. it is def dangerous out there man...some crazy driver trying to do anything to shave off a second and for what? ugh...glad you were ok....

  5. it's all so well put, and very thoughtful and true. thanks.

    when time races like a bullet

  6. Defensive driving is so necessary. So many people seem to change their personnas when they get behind the wheels, take out their aggressions in the anonymity of traffic.

  7. Being a careful driver includes not speeding, being tuned to crazy road behaviour and learning to deal with it safely. A sad sign of our times!

  8. Thank goodness you're not in it. A different and interesting take on the prompt. And contains some great reminder as well.

  9. Road rage is such a growing problem. nicely done.

  10. tis sign of the times ~ like the line aboding change... ~ well done ~ namaste, ^_^

  11. I see road rage and collision everyday. Its hard to deal with it ~

    Happy day Hank ~

  12. So glad you weren't involved, Hank.

    Road rage is lethal, but to tell the truth, I think cell phones are more so. Sadly, one often leads to the other, and then, mayhem follows.

  13. It is heartbreaking how many people lose their lives because someone was in a hurry.

  14. RPB is such a sad thing, isn't it? Oh and I just love it when poetry addresses a social issue. Bravo Hank.

  15. I'm pining for a little peace on the roads myself!

    A Pining Peach

  16. Strongly agree,. great awareness!

  17. It's sad whenever i look at those destroyed pieces! They're just objects, but my heart goes out to the innocent people involved in the tragedy.. Sigh!
    Stolen thunders of the storm
    Haven of solitude amongst rising thoughts