Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is a Frog?

Image:1 An ornamental looped braid or cord ( picture courtesy of Google images)

A Frog is:
1. An aquatic or terrestrial amphibian with long hind legs adapted for leaping.
2. A wedge-shaped, horny prominence in the sole of a horse's hoof.
3. A loop fastened to a belt to hold a tool or weapon.
4. An ornamental looped braid or cord with a button or knot for fastening the front of a garment.
5. A device on intersecting railroad tracks that permits wheels to cross the junction.
6. A spiked or perforated device used to support stems in a flower arrangement.
7. The nut of a violin bow.
8. Informal hoarseness or phlegm in the throat.
(from Wiki)

A croaking sound an
amphibian, melodious
music after rain

Also part of the
horse’s hoofs or fastened to a
belt to carry things

Button or knot to
fasten Mao-like front jacket
Railroad track device

Device in flower
arrangement and nut
of a violin bow

Clearing the throat and
we have not even talked of
leapfrog or frogman

And what about the
delicacy that tastes more
like chicken, frog legs

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight week45 and Chev's Tackle it Tuesdays with prompt - Frog


  1. well you have certainly expanded my mind on what a frog might be hank...i never knew all those things that it could be...and they do taste a bit like chicken...

  2. Great post ~ very informative ~forgot about the 'clothing frogs' ~ great set of haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

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  4. Awesome haiku! Nice to read all the extra information on frogs. Really good read. Thank you.

  5. Well, I learned a lot of things to do with frogs I never knew before!
    All very interesting too. :)

  6. Well, you definitely explored the subject of frogs thoroughly here. I am one who could never think of eating frog legs, by the way. Even though people do say they taste like chicken.

  7. I really enjoyed this, Hank. Ribbit.

  8. You really really explored all of the ways of the frog ~ Nice haiku set ~


  9. Very informative. Thank you for so many interesting facts on frogs. Great take on frogs.

  10. LOL I guess if it tastes like chicken
    The cat's lips would be lickin

  11. Stupendous Hank, I absolutely love it! Wish I'd thought of it!

  12. You have explored it all here...nicely done. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate them :)

  13. You've covered all the bases, very cleverly. k.

  14. This made me smile. Thanks Hank.
    This was an unusual prompt. You did a great job with it.

  15. Haiku like this r treat 4 readers..
    never would have thought that a single word can be used in so many ways..
    just awesome !!!

  16. Very froggin good poem! Love all the frogs and am so glad you didn't forget the horse frog!

  17. I love the illustration, Hank. I remember having a frogged jacket when I was young.

  18. Cute and clever :)

  19. I was with you all the way until the frogs' legs. Eeeeeew. Maybe it's just me, but I cannot imagine eating them, even if they taste like chocolate! Thoroughly enjoyable, Hank, and thanks, Amy