Thursday, May 10, 2012


Image:  from Google

It is always there
But I would just crave for more
That is news to me

It is on the News
It is in the newspapers
More for your liking

But it would get stale
The moment that you hear it
You just ask for more

Is that why the news
Gets repeated all the time
It seems likely so

Written for Poets United ThinkTankThursday #96 with prompt - news


  1. Good points, as it does get repeated a ton, as they do their news run, the same stuff over and over. I guess they want ratings from even rover.

  2. i think we are def spoiled now with having the news at our fingertips...the evening news used to be the big it is often far too late....

  3. I switch from at least 3 diff news networks so that I get to hear a variety and not the same news hour after hour. LOL
    And yes, you're right by night time, that news is old news.
    Nicely said Hank :)

  4. Hank,

    You have said it all with your eloquent words...We can never get enough of news. Repeats on tv and newsprint.
    Otherwise, we talk weather talk, non-stop!!!

    Eileen :)

  5. The way tech is right now, news is just fresh for like 1 minute, then it becomes old news. I can hear it repeated too in the day...its tiring to me ~

  6. So true, Hank! The news repeats and repeats. If you miss something the first time, it will shortly air again!

  7. Whatever happened to no news is good news, I wonder.

  8. I always wish they'd get more in-depth. The nano-bytes are not satisfying!!

  9. You are so right Hank! It is true on and on~ You made a great point :D

  10. Sadly it does seem like the same old story gets repeated over and over and a very shallow level.

  11. News need to evolve. Humans too.

  12. well, it makes sense that news repeats, since history repeats...and news is history in the making

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