Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ways of Saying it!

                                                                         'Lace' by William Henry Fox Talbot

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Poetry Jam
Note: Riding on the '13 Ways' in d'Verse prompts me  to submit this '20 ways'

20 Ways of Saying it!

What a laugh!
The edges of the lace
Having gone through the laundry
Is best described as ghostly ,
recoiled, remade, redundant, regrettable, ravaged, ruptured , rankled, rueful 
a razzmatazz, relapsed with remorse, remonstrating, reproach, replete with
a rejoinder, restricting robust use,
a ruse in rustic repulsion!

Whew! Let’s down a beer!
So, who’s the wise guy?

Submitted for d'Verse Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft
and Poetry Jam , Assignment with picture prompt, 'lace' and the words laugh, edges, laundry, ghost, beer


  1. Aha,you've organized those random words into a manageable whole. Ghostly lace,I can imagine there's a whole lot of those in the chests in attics of old houses.
    Thanks for visiting my travel blog, Hank. Always great to have you leave a comment.

  2. I'm just lovin' took the prompt to a new height. It's a fun list poem and your own voice resounds. Makes it very fun! Thanks for sharing. Victoria

  3. hahah...that is alliteration to the for sure...great job hank...

  4. Robustly recoiling at your requiem of r's....... Eloquently said and relevantly read!

  5. haha - enjoyed this hank...what a word combo...thanks for the smile

  6. A ruse in rustic repulsion! I shall remember that. I might just bring it out in conversation some time!

  7. Cleverly creative, Hank! The ending was great!

  8. haha now say that even one time fast..haha loved it

  9. Enjoyed it... reminds me of the time my youngest stuck crayons in his pocket and I ran them in the wash with my daughter's pink tights the night before her dance recital. Live and learn, right?

  10. Very nicely done, definitely a different take on the prompt, and I love it when people think outside the box, so Kudos and thanks for a great read

  11. Clever!
    good poem...I like the novelty here...20 ways of alliteration.
    and Stevens did like his libations.
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Loved that R alliteration :)
    Simply fantastic !!

  13. What a fusion of words and verse...well done~