Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Dream

Image1: Picture taken at the entrance of Disneyland. We had just parked the rented car and were proceeding excitedly to purchase the necessary tickets. From left: Daughter Azlin, son Hafidz and my loving wife Shadah.

Process note: Since the prompt calls for an Other voice, I had it made out from my daughter's voice of her reminiscences of those wonderful sojourn in Anaheim many years ago. Both Azlin and Hafidz were just kids then. Now they have kids of their own.

Happiest Place on Earth

It is a dream that I had dreamt
We are here and  I just couldn’t believe it
Barely a few weeks ago on a TV program
With Mum, Dad and Hafidz we were then watching 
Tagged the Happiest Place on Earth
Apparently Dad had long before decided and saved
Now is the time to make it happen

A flurry of events followed we later realized
Dad had made preparations but cooking up a surprise
Everything were ready, passports, luggage, light attire
And now we are here
Disneyland here we come
Wow, this is going to be fun!

Main Street  USA we give it a pass
We go to Fantasyland just as fast
What a Small World and Peter Pan
Space Mountain in Tomorowland
It is alive! The Haunted House
The Adventureland and Jungle Cruise
Frontierland and Thunder Mountain Railroad
Hafidz and I we are in the ‘Thrill’ mode
Taking snapshots Dad keeps himself busy
Showing  them in class they’ll be green with envy

The 3-day Passport  is not quite enough
But being here itself is heavenly, thank our lucky stars

Since we are in the vicinity, we get a peek at Las Vegas
Free meals in the casinos is widely advertised
Into the Nevada desert in the morning a leisurely ride
Another spectacle, the Hoover Dam, what a sight!

Tomorrow we go south to San Diego
Stopover at Capistrano to sight the swallows
Awaiting at Sea World a sight of fantasy
Of illustrious performances
Man and sea animals in unison
A scenic spectacle, a marvel to see 

I’ll always love my Daddy
For giving us this opportunity


  1. I never saw Disneyland when I was a child, because it wasn't built yet, but I saw it when I was 21 and again when I was 32, and it was fun both times!
    Your poem brought it all back, Hank! Some people are kids forever.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. ha nice..would love to visit some day...we have a pretty cool fun park close to where i live as's called europe park...but can't really compare ride hank..

  3. Never been there myself, but enjoyed this poem. Sad, though perhaps that a place of pure fantasy should be tagged earth's happiest place - the sadness being that it could well be true. Good writing.

  4. I wonder whose voice, is it your son's? Or you as a child? I like the poem, it is childlike. Disneyland is a wonder land.

  5. did visit once when we were young...i remember little other than it was the week someone died on space mountain so there were signs warning people capture a bit of the magic...

  6. Oceangirl,
    As shown in the picture, my elder daughter, Adura it is. Hafi is my younger son.


  7. What a beautiful poem of memory, Hank. I assume the voice was you as a child, but whether it was or wasn't, the voice is nostalgic, appreciative, and full of love. I went to Epcot Center in Flordia once, but never to Disneyland in CA. I doubt I will ever get there, but would like to go to Disney World in Florida with children and grandchildren. I'm definitely still a kid!

  8. Mary,
    It is the appreciative voice of my elder daughter, Adura for getting her and kid brother Hafi there.


  9. don't know if this is a persona poem (I pop up to see: sure enough, it's the voice of another)...good job, for it fooled me. you 'stepped outside' yourself, obviously by observation. and this gives a real quality; many, are imaginative, and stretching/believability get murky. But your piece is fully believable. good job.

  10. Never been there, heck never been most anywhere..haha...but you truly captured it well, glad it was appreciated in the tale you tell

  11. You get the excitement of a child down perfectly here, Hank--and I'm sure the gift their dad gave them with that three day passport will never be forgotten.

  12. I enjoyed her adventures and happy memories. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into her childhood. You are an amazing Father ~

  13. oh so heart-warming. Love the perspective you chose.

  14. I loved Disney. Didn't get to go as a kid though, actually went when I was 20, my college swim team went to compete against some Jacksonville schools as part of spring break training- but we all took a van and drove over their the one morning. It was great, been back there a few times since when I used to work the florida market. You're kids are lucky you took them, they'll never forget it, but I'm a bit confused by the vicinity. Nevada is pretty far from florida, oh,, you must have gone to the one in California, never been to that one, but disney is disney.... Really great you were all able to experience this trip. Special times indeed. Awesome perspective chosen for the prompt. Thanks

  15. Fred,
    Yes, we were at the Anaheim Disneyland in Los Angeles. The Florida one is Disney World comprising Magic Kingdom (similar to the LA Disneyland) and the Epcot Centre

    So if we go to the Anaheim Disneyland we get to go to the Universal Studios, Las Vegas/Hoover Dam and south bound to the Sea World in San Diego. It's fun at whichever location anyway!


  16. Loved Disney...and seeing it through her eyes brought back the joy I experienced on my first visit. Thanks for waking me up :) A wonderful share on the prompt.

  17. Oh, how they love Disneyland! I admit I don't get it. Yes, I was a kid once, but a weird kid.

    Your poem is a fond reminiscence and I don't think it odd that a child would call it the happiest place on earth.

  18. wow! good for you guys! family outings and travels are always fun and excitement. forget about being exhausted after. LOL!

    Pareng Hank, thank you for your moral support on my upcoming projects. I will do what I can do to make it materialize. There is no harm in trying. I love being of help to people who are like me, in need...

    Have a great week ahed!


  19. Two very different takes today on the Magic Kingdom - yours and Brendan's. I enjoyed Disneyland much more than Disney World. I saw it as a young bride with my husband and we were like two little kids not having known many amusement parks. I was older and more jaded at Disney World. I like your memories of the smaller but better park and your excitement recalled. Well done.

  20. Hi! everyone,
    Thank you so much for all your comments. Never knew Disney could invoke such fond memories of days gone by. Some visited it when young,others as adults and even as a bride on honeymoon.

    The beauty of it is that we came off it as kids. Never growing old even now when thinking of it!

    Thanks for the memories!


  21. Dear Sir Hanks, you are urgently required at to witness the birth of a new pemantun. From Dungun.

    See you. Please do not delay!