Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Picture Credit: Google images ( for illustration purposes, not the one I saw)

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Chimes of Old

Likeness of Big Ben
An element so sublime
Faithfully on time

Sharp eyes eagle like
Surveying  the ambience
Soldierly upright

Announcing itself
Menacingly visible
Breaking the silence

A chime sounded loud
Regal like and standing tall
The  grandfather’s clock

Note: I saw an 'ancient' grandfather's clock standing alone in an antique shop last weekend that inspired me. Since there's no prompt and Friday the 13th gets me stumped, I'll just settle for the 'ancient gentleman'

Submitted for d'Verse at Open Link Night week 13


  1. I love how inspirations strikes us! I love old clocks the chimes are amazing~ Fun to read and reminded me of my grandparents and their clock!
    Thank you :D

  2. As the page opened I initially read "Crimes of Old". "Chimes" is much better and your poem chimes beautifully and very musically. Well done.

  3. I do like the chimes of the old...Very nice haiku set ~

  4. I like the ''likeness'' to Big Ben, here. True.
    Aren't these machines, these pieces of art, these miraculous entities just wonderful?
    you poem depicts the 'Grandfather Clock in the Room,' all right.
    One Cannot ignore it.
    nice poems. thanks.

  5. I like the chimes of the old , lovely.

  6. Theses clocks are great, my grandmother has one too, truly can be inspirational just to look at.

  7. smiles. my grandfather actually had one used to enjoy going to his house as its gentle rhythm added the perfect back ground...

  8. i can still remember my grandfather's grandather clock. as we are not allowed to touch it. but we adore it. so gorgeous timepiece...

    i love this post Pareng Hank!


  9. This clock has a presence, and time is always with us--maybe it will strike 13 in a dream, Hank. ;_) Love the 'eagle like'-'regal like' play.

  10. Wonderful haiku about a beautiful style of clock that (I hope) will never go out of style completely.
    We had a chiming mantel clock when I was a child, and the sound was so reassuring.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. soldiery upright - I like that. I love grandfather clocks - they are definitely regal-like.

  12. Excellent job painting the essence of the Grandfather Clock. Your words have a natural tonal flow that really works well here. Thanks for the read

  13. I really love such clocks.. but unfortunately.. I dont have one :(

  14. this is excellent to see a clock and be inspired to write this lovely wonderful poem

  15. Grandfather clocks are inspiring! I still remember the first one I ever saw, at age 5 or 6.... I thought it was the most beautifully crafted thing I had ever seen..... that huge pendulum swinging, the ticking, the chimes...... my true introduction to civilization... I know exactly how you felt when you saw it! Incidentally, the link from dverse didn't work...

  16. wow.. old things and old people always inspire..