Monday, October 24, 2011

The Human Kind

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Willow's Mag#88

He’s walking fast, crossed the street
Keeps looking back over his shoulder
Do you see him? Your side mirror!
Should be able to, your side mirror!

But I can’t, too fast, way too fast
Look again! Try your rear view mirror Yes, can you see him now?
Ok, ok I can see him now
Right, turn around and follow himDo it fast you might lose him again
Ok, ok  I can see him now.Yes, he’s tipping his hat,.Putting on his dark glasses
Good, it’s better  for you.Easier to track him now.Stay focused, don’t lose him
Ok, ok.. I’m trying..I’m trying
Alright, alright! Calm down
He's turning left!
I can see that.... I can't see him anymore
Ok, I can still follow him
Right, you are on your own now

Hey..hey! What’s going on? Hey!
What? What happened, what is it?
I don’t know!
Tell me!
He got snatched!
What? How come?
I don’t know!. Another car cut in from the corner
My gosh!. And?
They bundled him in!
We blew it!
That’s a near miss!
Yeah! we blew it!
A pity
He could fetch high!
Yeah! Seem very healthy
Yeah! Fair skinned
A multiple!
We’ll try again!
That’s the 3th person this week
Yeah, we bungled again.
Yeah, tough work!

   ……….an episode in an unfinished thriller tentatively titled ‘ The Human Harvesters’

Submitted to Tess' Magpie#88


  1. You mean there's more? Ooh, yes, very scary, Hank. Horrible title "The Human Harvesters"!
    I do like the way it's written.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. wow man...def looking forward to more...this is intense...i like...smiles.

  3. Really kept the intensity flowing
    With your scary showing
    Tough work indeed
    I'll run before I'm eaten at your feed..haha

  4. "The Human Harvesters," a title fraught with dark potential...

  5. Very intense Hank but I loved reading it.

    Thanks for keeping in touch whilst I was away, much appreciated.


  6. 'The Human Harvesters' ... now this is going to be good if your Magpie is any indication!!!!

  7. Whoa - human harvesters? Great concept, Hank, intriguing as all get-out. I love macabre fiction, which some people think is odd given that I'm married to a pastor. But that Black Irish side of me wants to hear MORE! Amy

  8. Wow! This is very good. You got me from the beginning to the end. Good take Pareng Hank!


  9. I'm on the edge of my seat now, Hank. Keep it comin'!

  10. The human harvesters...goodness what darkness will come? Great piece...quaking at what comes next

  11. wow - so intense - need more story

  12. Always try the rear view mirror...nice write Hank...

  13. Held my breath the entire time I was reading it.

  14. Shudder shiver very fast and racy!