Sunday, October 9, 2011

It Happened!

Mr President: Bidding for 2nd term
Picture Credit: Google images

Not Impossible

A gift for the Queen
From Hillary and Tenzing
Everest conquered

End of the decade
Kennedy set the target
Neil did it in style

The Berlin Wall fell
The Soviet Union broke up
Not impossible!

Beat the odds before
Bidding for his second term
Will succeed again!

Inspired by Haiku Heights #89 with prompt - 'impossible'


  1. i dont think it is a bad thing at all...made me thing of the song "we didnt start the fire" with the step through history...will be an interesting political season...

    you are getting pretty good at that first thing...smiles.

  2. An interesting political season for sure.. more drama~

  3. I sure hope he gets in for a second term. He didn't make the mess, he just inherited it, and I think he's a damn fine (and brave) man for putting himself in such a position in the first place. I'm sure he could have lived his life quite happily without all that stress, not to mention outright hatred from Republicans and others. Who needs that? I wouldn't want his job "for all the tea in China" as my grandmother used to say.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. Let us hope that he does my friend. If GOP get's in all is really lost. Nice group of Haiku.


  5. i'll vote for him, just like i did last time. any alternative to the republicans is better. and i like him personally. but he is no success for the people. he could have pushed through universal health care but didn't to appease the special interests. he hasn't ended the iraq war like he promised. he hasn't allowed the temporary tax cuts for the rich to expire like he promised. obama is a smart guy. he knows if he acted differently on any of these major issues the elite class would crush him in the media. poll numbers are easy to sway. obama is a pragmatist. you have to be to get to that level. i love political posts!:)

  6. Oh yes it will be quite the political season and no nothing is impossible.

  7. everything can happen... i grew up in a family of politicians... nice one Pareng Hank!


  8. I have never been a great haiku fan but like the way you string a few together into a larger story.

  9. nice creation here - I like how you listed all of the events that at one point in time people would have said were impossible.

  10. Phew, you give me hope, just when I was thinking things were impossible.

    Nicely recalled!

  11. Good, Best, Great! I think you should send it to the President. Even Presidents need encouragement and a pat on the back instead of a clomp on the head

  12. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were are childhood heroes and remember that time too!!
    Lovely thoughts here in each one of them!!

    Hank the form of poetry I had used for the 'River' prompt is called a "Triolet". You had asked me in my comment section today!!

  13. History has proven all three possible. May America have the best president ever.

  14. I couldn't say anything lest I will be charged of treason...ha ha...just kidding!

    I wish I could make a difference even just in words...:)

  15. Interesting is it not, that all 'foreigners' who commented here are pro Obama? American policy so effects every one on the planet, that perhaps we should all get to vote in the Presidential elections!