Friday, October 21, 2011


Image1: This triggered it off, an Adbuster's campaign on Sept 17 showing a provocative poster of a ballerina dancing atop the famous bronze bull in NY's financial district as a group of protesters wearing gas masks approach behind her.

 Image2: The 99% poignantly depicted by a child in the face of corporate greed

Image3: Protesters on their knees affected by tear gas or pepper spray

(Picture Credit: Google images)

The 99% and the...                                                                                                     
                                    The rich are getting richer .While the average  ...per cent
                           Americans suffer. Bank bailouts of toxic sub-prime
              mortgages . Equaled  to huge bank profits as a consequence
           The manipulators ironically. Took these as their rightful bonus
                                Richest 1% of Americans are apparently.With
                                big fortunes but taxed at a lower rate than most.
                                Dissenting voices against the bailout.Contending
                                it as temporary life-support. Recapitalizing  or
                                nationalization as suggested. Of the ‘big financial
                                culprits’ went unheeded. So who were behind
                                the protests anyway?.Adbusters an anti capitalist
                                Canadian grouping. That saw a violent Occupy 
                                Wall Street uprising. It should trigger off like the
                                vicious Arab Spring. It rallied through the financial
                                districts. Around the world like the recent Arab
                                violence. Still in the news even this morning we
                                received. Of the demise of Gaddafi  the most elusive  
                                Holed up in the ground who meekly surrendered
                                Unlike Saddam, Gaddafi was bashed and battered

                                Are we to see one also on Wall Street. Not phys-
                                ically but certainly with the vehemence.Of ordinary
                                folks like you and me  in utter disappointment.The
                                pin-striped whiz kids accorded a likely similar fate.
                                President Obama certainly has a lot on his plate
                                Riding the re-election trail very gingerly. With imp
                                ending recession in the economy.Poverty and record
                                high repossessions.Unemployment sadly stood at 9%.
                                And that would also keep the Republicans busy.
                                In acrimonious debates vying against eachother.
                                Romney as  yet to pull away but seen a front runner
                                likely.The race to challenge. the President is getting nastier

Note: The above is the figure #1 so as to complete the 99% and the 1... per cent. 
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  1. You go onlike this and I can see a whole new saga of protest songs blossoming around you. Well done, indeed.

  2. Wow a great rant. Rave on as we are listening.

  3. To bad it's all true, you'd think they'd be able to open their eyes, but not the blinders and greed keeps thing exactly how they are.

  4. rock on man...this rocks...and is true...and it is spreading....and....well i cant wait to see what comes next...

  5. hot...did you go back and shape this after i read it or did i not notice it until i popped over to dverse?

  6. We are number ONE and we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more!! Regardless of the "it"...the "it" is that which allows us to protest, to unite, to not be religious and not be persecuted for it.
    These might be, these days before the fall, the good old days.

    Loved your rant! Ginsberg meets Pound meets Dylan (not the Thomas one)...Bob.

  7. this is very powerful (and so sad.)

  8. Hank, you gave a great voice to this. Powerful indeed.


  9. Clever, Hank. Yes, good rant.

  10. wow hank - good job in every way