Saturday, May 30, 2020

to prove it is not a fable

                                                                                 "Rocket" by Brad Phillips                                           
Image: Don't have to be
a rocket scientist to prove
he is not off his rocker (here)

The 6 given rhyming words:
able fable cable label table stable

does he expect to be able
to prove it is not a fable
not having within means a strong cable
but just so to exert a label

not anywhere ascending from a table
just to insist a mind contending to be stable

Carrie's at Sunday Muse #110
weejar's at Saturday Mix rhyme time


  1. Love the fun rhyme in this Hank! Everyone needs a strong spirit or a good strong cable! Always wonderful to have you join us at the Muse!

  2. Yes Hank one needs to be strong but sometimes it's hard.
    Good verse.


  3. This is a hilarious poem ... thanks for the giggle. Cheers.

  4. Have to push on and see what happens. Can be rough sometimes though.

  5. I'm definitely smiling. This is quite clever and funny.

  6. This rings true, Hank. People today do not believe we went to the M00n. Having worked with NASA and the USAF I sometimes ask if we really did.