Tuesday, May 26, 2020

the unemployed may just trade freedom

                                                                                                           Author Wilfredor
Image: Unemployed a Corvid 19 
casualty (here)

feeling safe all within the four walls
who is there to sneak in uninvited
his domain is a hideaway enthralled
never to leave it empty unattended

privacy supreme no reason to roam
under present circumstances, he knows
the unemployed may just trade freedom
for full stomach in a room* without windows

* a jail cell

Laura's at d'Verse's Poetics


  1. very profound end lines to get us thinking - thank you for joining in

  2. Well said... I have thought to myself...I could get used to this!
    If the government is paying us why is there any rush to get back to work??

  3. Yes... to be poor is never the same to be free... enslaved by your hunger.

  4. Good point about trading freedom for a full stomach.

  5. There are always trade-offs in life. (K)

  6. I so get that, Hank, feeling safe within four walls, I’d been feeling like that even before this horrible pandemic. I’m glad my walls have windows.

  7. Your poem points out so many of the challenges within this Covid-19 world. Lost jobs. A fear of the invisible outside our own walls. I am glad the unemployed are getting help in terms of payments that will help them put food on the table, pay the rent, etc. At the same time....I totally understand the fear of many to go back to work in joys that expose the employees to more chances of contracting this insidious disease that those of us privileged enough to have jobs they can do from the comfort of their homes. Covid does not discriminate....but sadly, at the same time, it has pointed out the real existence of privilege as opposed to those who have much less.