Thursday, May 7, 2020

politeness and friendliness

                                                                                   Author:Butters and beans
Image: relaxed not
sullen or angry (here)

never in his wildest dreams had he known
seen to be a witness of vanity
demonstrated by the sullen who frowned

though devoid of acts of indignity
angry and intensely incoherent
blabbering to no end unashamedly

why insist to willfully abandon
politeness and sense of good upbringing
and forgetting judicious indulgence

shouts of 'simpleton' just kept on ringing
much to embarrassment of those present
ethics and etiquette thrown to the winds

painful and sorely it was a lesson
to be enlightened sane and elegant

Frank's at d'Verse  MTB - poem of 14 lines
(A Terza Rima sonnet and keeping the 10
syllable count in all lines)


  1. It is a hard lesson to learn "to be enlightened sane and elegant". I like the photo of the black and white cats hugging each other.

  2. The pendulum swing from garish name calling to political correctness has really shown up over the last years. Kindness, ethics and considerate treatment of others is very lacking in all of politics. But in the local sector it is often present! Well done Hank.

  3. These days it seems anything goes. When the leader of the US rules by tweet, something is very very wrong.

  4. Love the picture Hank. Pity we humans can't get that close but one can always be kind.
    Stay safe.


  5. Anger is almost always aimed at the wrong target. We all need to stop and take a deep breath. (K)

  6. Civility and kindness seem to be in short supply. Wish we could be like the cats in the picture

  7. I love that photo - kindness can go a long way

  8. Too many attempt lessons with a 'Do as I say, not as I do" attitude.
    May we recognize and be kind to all at all levels, as needed.

  9. Sometimes we have to put in the effort if we want to see the change

  10. I think sometimes normal courtesy has been forgotten.