Thursday, May 14, 2020

to nudge a thought for idea creations

Image:  Putting creative
ideas on paper (here)

It manifests itself in meager forms
One's belief of not wanting to  conform
To care for the small details is vital
Lest one is led astray in undesirables

Let's recap on what is expected
Creative maverick adamant in being selected
Spare a thought then, to be counted
Relating sparingly reasons for an onslaught

Let's talk of simple care for details as a refresher
Playthings of poets, writers but artists in particular
Pen and watercolor the classic tools disregarded
Delve into it to get at the ideas to develop

A sketch-book pregnant with information
Line drawings with color washes enhanced
Journals of travels, sketch on site at real time
Create a personal style and improve on designs

Adept at moving sketched objects around
Liberty to create a well framed composition
Vanishing points and perspectives affords reality
Creates broadsides and looking down streets at infinity
Start and conjure little things with rough details
To complete at later time for what these entail

Mish's at d'Verse OLN


  1. And all this comes out of a headful of experience! Creativity is a wonderful thing. A kaleidoscope of imagination!

  2. Nice description: "A sketch-book pregnant with information"

  3. Ideas rumble and gather and burst forth at any time or place. Creativity is one of the joys of life, no matter which way you approach it or manifest it. Nice revery on the process.

  4. I enjoyed your tribute to capturing creativity, Hank, something we writers, artists, gardeners, handcrafters, etc. know about. It’s so true that we don’t want to conform, living more for the small details. I love the line ‘A sketch-book pregnant with information’ – my notebooks used to have a mixture of sketches, writing and pieces of postcards or images from magazines. I must do that again.

    1. You are very right Kim. Hank maintained an info folder and a sort of scrap book having all the knick-knacks like you did. It helped more so when there was no google to fall back on then. Yes, it rekindles the memories. It was useful and may still work wonders now, why not!

  5. Much can develop as one delves into the creative mind indeed

  6. Good friend. Creative ideas can appear anywhere and in any form. So as not to be quickly forgotten, immediately poured in creativity.

  7. Taking in and down the world like a stenographer for the muse.

  8. Creativity is illusive. It evinces itself at odd times in odd places....and on occasion it totally disappears as if it never was, allowing time for batteries to recharge, then presents itself with renewed energy!

  9. "Playthings of poets, writers but artists in particular" - Yes, much like writing poetry.

  10. Now that is a great way to describe creativity in all its forms.

  11. I like the idea of "looking down streets at infinity". Creativity has no end, contrary to so many other things in life.

  12. My dream journals are pregnant with dreams, waiting to give birth. I recently started dabbling in watercolors. It's fun, I started with basic flowers.

    Hope you are well Hank!

    1. Supposedly the the long journey may start with a little step taken. Yes,True Ma'am, the thought itself is a great beginning! Good luck to you!


  13. I think we all have tried different ways to be creative... it's a lot like painting, but I often lack the right colors myself.