Sunday, November 18, 2018

Within the four walls naked in thoughts

                                                                                    Author: Susan Spaulding
Image: An Empty Nest Crying (here)

Had those familiar empty feelings
Gasping for air but nothing untoward
Grabbing on fine linen incessantly pulling
Stressed out being shored up unperturbed

Within the four walls naked in thoughts
Heaving heavily thinking of the good times
Warm embrace extended generously now wrought
With regret and anger lost in continuous chimes

Must you leave surreptitiously unannounced
An empty nest crying for the love unfulfilled
The emotional slack all the more pronounced
With lots of unilateral actions yet unrevealed

Susan's Sunday Photo Fiction - nov
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #429


  1. A once thriving place no more can sure leave one down indeed. All choices.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if walls could cry...

  3. So sad when the good times are remembered with love and anger. As happens so often.

  4. I love the idea of the walls thinking and feeling....

  5. It does feel as though a room becomes awash with feelings after (any kind of) an exit or loss, and you've captured that very evocatively, here, Hank.

  6. I feel the vulnerability of being naked in thoughts. The walls seem to be closing in, crushing memories hover.

  7. "An empty nest crying for the love unfulfilled"... oh this tears at my heart 😥

  8. I wonder what my four walls think of my life's situations of late? Good job walls can't talk.
    Great verse Hank, gope you're well.


  9. I always think houses are full of energy and personality, built up over years of human living.

  10. Grasping, grabbing, heaving heavily. Intense.

  11. Empty nest takes time to get used to

  12. Your verse and the photo remind me of all the little motels where secrets seem to be kept...
    I did a verse too:
    Poem Starting with a line by N B/ Three prompts/ haibun with renga