Monday, November 19, 2018

getting to be swollen-headed

                                                                   Author – Kelogsloops @ Instagram

Image: Making Fun of Egotism (here)

the 12 given words:
periodically stress dare
marplot (n.)) a person who mars or defeats a plot, design, or project by meddling)
overwrite ( to write in excess of the requirements)
black treble company fix bright
laeotropic (adj.)) oriented or coiled in a leftward direction, as a left-spiraling snail shell.)
asteroid (asteroids and meteors are both types of space rocks)

getting to be swollen-headed
one periodically is subjected
to a stress on the being much to dread
but a dare is as much to be avoided

a marplot is ever so often close at hand
to overwrite black tryouts to stifle
one's efforts unnecessarily to offend
with suggestions and distractions treble

the frequency onto a wild goose chase
pitting one another in bad company
to fix at random putting into place
perhaps some intended amusements really

for some fun in some weird laeotropic sequence
but stop a moment and look on the bright side
say a prayer it can rain down asteroids in abundance
but one gets positively motivated outright                           

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  1. Whew! Not sure I understand this one, but I get that you have strong feelings about the "swollen-headed." I hope the choice of stopping to pray gives such a one new options.

    1. There are condescending elements, spoilsports against others. But one says a prayer for them that they change for the better. Praying for others will get goodness returned to us!


  2. I just watched Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom. He definitely showed forgiveness in action. Wow. I like the line about asteroids raining down to give some enlightenment.

  3. a thoughtful true is indeed a fact that to pray for someone will bring good effects back and good prayers will be returned..the best place is when one is in someone;s prayers. To forgive is divine and prayers help us the best.

  4. Saying a prayer is a reward in itself. Nice.

  5. You always amaze me the way you can compose using given words. And now to fit 2 prompts. Gifted.

    Favourite phrase-:
    "for some fun in some weird laeotropic sequence"

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  6. Nice one, Hank. Love the last stanza.

  7. Stopping for a moment and looking on the bright side is always appropriate.

  8. Some people sure need a nudge and a prayer. Weird how recent posts never showed up in blogfeed.