Wednesday, November 28, 2018

saddled with the morning after

                                                                                             Author: Christopher Michel  
Image: Sick in Bed the Morning After (here)

the 12 given words:
awesome test missing acrobat apron kiss 
goodbye  play chord aim afraid admire

awesome, a test of strength
mind over matter
life can be bland
saddled with the morning after

boys' night out but done in, in the mornings
lots of fun when it lasted
but upon waking up something's missing
except for a heavy head all busted

life is acrobatic with time for fun
but there is a need to don the apron strings
time to kiss goodbye  when the point comes
where responsibilities cut in

play the chords right is the aim
to keep the house in order
not to be afraid of losing friends
there are wonderful ones in place to admire

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #190
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif ~ morning poem


  1. Yes, there is a price to be paid the morning after a boys' night out! I had to smile at the pug in the photo, who looks like my granddog.

  2. Very smoothly said, Hank. I hope you find those around you "play the chords" just right!

  3. Ha, heavy head mornings tell tales about previous nights no doubt. One has to be a bit careful, but youthful days won't pay any heed. A good one Hank.

  4. Memories of youth with morning afters! Your poem made me smile; a good way to start a morning. Thank you. Love the dog, too. :-)

  5. I used to have those mornings all the time. The dog is adorable

  6. "but upon waking up something's missing
    except for a heavy head all busted"

    Ah, it certainly feels like that. I love how you have created and shared this experience in this evocative verse.

  7. Darn those responsibilities kicking in! There has to be more to life than putting on the apron and getting to work!

  8. Such a cute and adorable dog!❤️ Your poem made me smile!😍

  9. This one sure struck a chord with me, Hank.


  10. Those cords can be hard to strike the right balance sometimes