Friday, November 30, 2018

a coming of age of a teenager

                                                                                      Author: Michael J. Bennett
Image: A Special Treat -  Beef prime
 rib dinner plate (here)

Same Same But Different -  to take the five challenge
words and NOT use them in a poem but their synonyms

switch -  reversal shift substitution swap
floor - ground deck stage mat
polish - gloss brilliance sparkle luster
fabric  - textile fibre
water - drink rain tears Adam's ale shower

a reversal of a fortune
a shift to manhood to a higher order
a swap of a kind
a coming of age for a teenager
from the ground up onto a higher deck
the stage is set

the brilliance providing a sparkle
the gloss of a luster
isn't it fun to be considered an adult
doing adult things?

fat chance! without fibre but a conjecture
hoping to mirror an adult is not just yet

this is a special birthday dinner for you
you've just turned 18, an adult legally yes!
but in my eyes as a parent
you're still a child, my child.

no drinks for you, just Adam's ale
you may have tears in your eyes
but you're showered with love as a substitute
you're wondering why?

well, we need someone sober
to drive us home!

weejar's at MLMM's Saturday Mix
Mish's at d'Verse's OLN #233


  1. haha almost there and yet they need the sober driver.

  2. This was wonderful Kaykuala, and 18 is way too young to drink... ;-)

  3. Ha... there has to be someone responsible in the end... being a grown up means to be the dedicated driver.

  4. Good observation: "but in my eyes as a parent
    you're still a child, my child." They are always children.

  5. Shlappy Blurrthday! Vlery... Twishtyy. 🥂 😏
    Seriously, fun irony.