Thursday, November 15, 2018

life's journey was a complicated affair

                                                                                                             author: anon 
Image: Board-Walk Trudging on Life's Journey (here)

11 of 12 given words:
blind mind world eyes music blood fluid view ice sun
astral (pertaining to or proceeding from the stars; stellar)

blind to any assigned purpose
the mind locked but to a chosen path
a world in motion along a course
in a controlled dream so tough

beyond what the eyes were able to see
in music painfully of blood and tears
such was the endurance of life's journey
though fluid in the run-up of fears

in a semblance of organized thoughts
with a view of some controlled sequences
astral in make-up but guided by hordes
of ice cool ideas from the sun's brilliance

life's journey was a complicated affair

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #188
Michael's at MLMM's Tale Weaver #197 -  life's journey
Frank at d'Verse's OLN #232


  1. Nice lines: "astral in make-up but guided by hordes
    of ice cool ideas from the sun's brilliance"

  2. Yes indeed Hank, life is often so very complex.
    I also combined two MLMM prompts for
    Navigation, Expedition, Continuum

    Have a wonderful weekend~ Jules

  3. How cool to write one poem for three site prompts. Of course the OLN requires no prompt. I like poems using several words. I always found my verse rambling a bit in order to accommodate the word list.

  4. Very well crafted Kaykuala, and much though poured into this write. Life is complicated in its external demands and entanglements, inwardly, with a peaceful mind, it can be very simple, in its core function, it is simple. Eat, drink, sleet, think. But the thinking, the search for self actualization, brings to us the wonderful complexities - the reasons to live! I really like thid Kaykuala... :-)

    ...rob from Image & Verse
    Lost in Azure

  5. Sure intangled away at your bay. Very true, many a complication can come due.

  6. Yes it is very complicated Hank.

  7. Life's journey is bewildering at best, often terrifying and immensely complicated.

  8. Life is something best understood when we get older. Too bad the wisdom can't help the young. Nice work, Hank!

  9. This is one of my favorite Hanks - I seem to know this journey well.Filled with ups and downs navigating the dreamscape for guidance often.

  10. I've never known my life's journey to be anything but complicated!

  11. "blind to any assigned purpose"

    A very powerful opener Hank. Yes its about blindsight and faith. Tis the journey of life


  12. I am intrigued by "a world in motion along a course in a controlled dream". I wonder who is guiding the dream and pray it isnt the Orange Tyrant, lol.

  13. Complicated and likely to get worse as our independence is eroded so that we become just cogs in a machine. All the while we think we have independence but what we have is but crumbs as we search for more.

  14. difficult words never mind their meanings, you did well for 11 out of 12 : )

  15. Guided through how you give this a sense of a controlled journey. Good one!

  16. life's journey is complicated for sure