Monday, February 8, 2016

To syncopate an insane shout

                                                                                     Attribution: M L Haen                                   
Image: Looking shocked (here)

MLMM's 12 given words:
electroshock twirl foggy feeble 
visceral (coming from strong emotions and not from logic)
syncopate (to cut short)
cleanse elastic 
tincture (a substance that colors, dyes, or stains .)
avocado timepiece sleep

Shell-shocked or an electroshocked expression
It worked both ways to onlookers
Twirl of a foggy realization was telling of confusion
Subject to a visceral onslaught it was too feeble 
for a fight back though it seemed obvious to do so

To syncopate an insane shout to a gasp helped
temporarily but it needed to cleanse its conscience
An elastic judgement could be created
Perhaps it could be a way out

A tincture of an awareness coloring its vision
added more to an immediate concern
Was it the avocado it found on the jungle path
It was lying like a timepiece undisturbed
It looked too good to pass off and had
gobbled the goodness

The wise thing to do then perhaps was to take
a rest and not to lose sleep worrying

MLMM's Wordle #97 with the given words
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #288


  1. Way to weave those words!
    Do rabbits like avocados?

  2. Wow, you rocked some difficult prompt words, Hank. Well done.

  3. "To syncopate an insane shout to a gasp" have a way with words Hank...

  4. Hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt the poor rabbit

  5. Indeed it is wise not to lose sleep over worrying.
    Excellent write.

  6. "...a timepiece undisturbed..."

    I wish that time itself would go undisturbed!

  7. Definitely not a good thing to lose sleep worrying! Your poem is right on target.

  8. Oh, such a creative weaving of the words!

  9. I can't imagine doing it, but you accomplished the task very creatively.

  10. Another edifying and creative post, Hank. Thanks so much!

  11. You amaze me how you use the goiven words. well done Hank.

  12. Sometimes that is indeed the wisest thing to do - the photo couldn't help but make me smile..poor little thing does look alarmed!

  13. Hank,

    An amazing poem and well crafted with those tough words given as the prompt. I particularly like the idea of 'elastic judgement.' That might always have a usage!

  14. Hank, you really do well with these word prompts. I've never tried one. Hopefully, the little bunny is still hopping.