Monday, February 15, 2016

Sporting a feel good halcyon sense

                                                                                   Attribution: Photo by KLS Club
Image: 1)  The Under-14 Rugby Team of KLS Club with Coach Andy Baker
(standing extreme right) and Kobe as Captain (an American youngster standing
3rd from the right) and Kimie, Hank's grandson (standing 7th from the left)

                                                                                      Attribution: Kimie
Image: 2) The Coveted Medal with
the front and the reverse images

the 12 given words:
ethereal (extremely delicate, heavenly)
light smiles good  
halcyon (calm, peaceful, tranquil)
sympathy purity divine 
absolution (act of absolving, a freeing from blame or guilt)
altruistic (unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others)
hallow (to make holy, considered sacred)

Note: An earlier posting of Kimie during practice (here)

It happened two weeks ago
January 30th it was to be exact
Ethereal and light when he came home
From the Under-14, 10-a-side Rugby tournament
Kimie was all smiles
Sporting a feel good halcyon sense

He needed no sympathy
But an absolution in dignity
A purity of purpose when he flashed
the medal the team secured

His first, very first medal
hanging from his neck
It was divine!

Never mind if it was a Runner-up medal
To Kimie it was a winner's medal
Altruistic an ally for all the team spirit

And during one of the games
The icing on the cake
Kimie even managed to score a 'try'
His hallowed very first! Yay!

MLMM's Wordle Bonus  -  good and
Kerry's at The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. Yay indeed. Sports that promote teamwork are part of growing up.
    Though I didn't get that opportunity - being too far from the school to be on the after school bus route. I was shy then, and in gym was mostly chosen... last.

    I combined the two wordle lists and the Emperor image.
    Taking the Bull by the Horns

  2. What a lovely piece Hank! Congrats to your grandson!


  3. As we say the sportsman spirit is important!

  4. Yet another excellent poem Hank. A pleasure to read.

  5. Wow.. nothing's better for you than to feel the first breath of winning... Yay indeed.

  6. Awesome indeed. That first medal and getting high in the standings is always great.

  7. A joyous occasion to celebrate with a poem.

  8. Love the energy of this poem, its symbolism... firsts are always so memorable.

  9. Google job, team! Nice cudos, unkle Hank.
    Every now and then I come across my first place medal.
    I was the golf putting champ on our Q.E. II Caribbean cruise ship.

  10. A moment to be celebrated through out life!

  11. I give you a metal for this write. First place!