Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Perhaps a subtle hint

                                                                       Attribution: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Image: A Desert Scene, Dry and Hot but
can still be Habitable and Beneficial  (here)

Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift - Mary Oliver

Was it a learning process innocently prescribed but misunderstood
Perhaps a subtle hint.It might get a matured response. It had a lot to
do with the intentions before the subsequent reaction. A positive
attitude could well reap some benefits.
Why should anyone care to bother us. Why should anyone intrude
to create doubts?. If bad intentions were the motives it was still not
too bad.

Whatever disagreements would be just confined to two persons.
 It was not public knowledge

If we were to take a positive attitude it could end up as something
beneficial as long as there was no great damage. Some adverse effects
could be taken as just an irritant. One should then be thankful as it
opened up an awareness which otherwise might not be discovered

Perhaps unsettling initially but beneficial no less, somewhat a favor
not intended, a gift in reality

Divine hands set in
Living things enjoy good form
Nature takes its course

For Grace's Haibun Monday #7 at d'Verse


  1. It's all in how we look at things! Wonderful!

  2. Sometimes we just need a new view and we can find things we thought were crap can be good.

  3. The prose part sounds like self-improvement texts to me - uses a lot of that jargon and it's difficult to understand what exactly it means. And then you clarify perfectly in simple language in the haiku!

    1. Thank you Marina! This is a most useful comment. Would not wish to amend this post though. But will certainly remember for Hank's future postings. Thanks once again Ma'm!


  4. It would be a challenge to live there ~ But I agree to let nature take its course Hank ~

    Thanks for joining us at Haibun Monday ~

  5. Very thought provoing Hank. Well written.

  6. A little philosophy, today, Hank--nicely summed up in the haiku. Of course, being a desert rat, I love how the photo works for this.

  7. That awareness awakened is vital. That is, thank goodness, often the result of a journey through the darkness. I enjoyed your perspective, Hank.

  8. "had a lot to do with the intentions" the motives behind or let nature take her course. I like the haiku

  9. nature takes its course - so true

  10. dArk i welcome..
    liGht i appreciate..
    Life iS iT.. so
    i move
    don't look back...

    DArk dreams
    Appreciation's liGht..:)

  11. There's a lot of life that thrives in a desert habitat...including humans. Well done, Hank.