Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thinking outside the box smack against reality

                                                                               Artist : Jacek Yerka -  Dream (2011)
Image: Courtesy of Tess's Mag (here)
(Jacek is a surrealism artist)

Surrealism as an art form is to present a painting
that may appear to be unrealistic. In fact it is pushing
the imagination beyond normal reasoning.

MLMM's given words:
warehouse board concession personal
animal gasp ferment scab tin sugar
scurrilous (grossly obscene, abusive)
rivet (a metal pin in two or more plates to hold them together)

Rightly a concession to personal preferences
Being surreal is giving way to rationality
Unlocking the extensive powers of imagination
Thinking outside the box smack against reality

Warehouse full of ideas getting on board
Where repressed inner desires of sexuality
Scurrilous in nature set their leanings to rivet
to dreams of animal instincts unwittingly

Gasps of perplexing intentions revealing
Coated in sugar to mask its sourness
Fermented ideas bandied about swirling
Taken out of a tin and presented in all fairness

Such is surrealism in art to bypass good reasons
Where revelations of emotions are still palatable
Connoisseurs wrested out of their comfort zones
Peeling off the scab to announce it as acceptable

For Tess' Magpie Tales #288
Yves'  MLMM's Wordle #81 and
Kerry's at Real Toad's Tuesday's Platform


  1. Oh wow Hank I am a big fan of surrealist art myself and when I was doing the photo prompt at MLMM I used it frequently. I feel like it taps into something primal and unconscious, like a dream. I really like your analogy of peeling off the scab, it makes me squirm and gets to the heart of it.


  2. What a wonderful combination of prompts. Well done.

  3. I have to say I love surrealism both in painting and words.. the challenge is to balance the knife's edge between reality and what's not..

  4. Have to watch those animal instincts some times haha great mix of prompts too

  5. Nice work, Hank. Using all these seemingly solid mainstream to fit in with a most surreal painting! Thank you for the primar, it helps me to understand surrealistic art to give me a little better understanding in it's mechanics.

    1. Should have read, "mainstream 'words'". Sorry.

  6. Such is surrealism in art to bypass good reasons
    Where revelations of emotions are still palatable...

    This sums up the best of abstract art.

  7. Surrealism speaks to me as I am a dreamer..and I like unlocking extensive powers of imagination.

  8. Why yes, this makes so much sense now!
    "Peeling off the scab to announce it as acceptable."
    Thank you for the illumination!